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SHARE Aion 5.8 emulator improvement community project


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Some of us are working on improving an emulator that Robson shared a while back with some of his fixes. He is no longer doing Aion development, so we are trying to carry on improving it. Here is the original pack he shared and the original source:

This is the hidden content, please
(also contains the login fix for the client)

This is the hidden content, please
(back up client and overwrite with this)

This is the hidden content, please

This is the hidden content, please

This is the hidden content, please
- thank you
This is the hidden content, please

NotAion 5.8 client - torrent 
This is the hidden content, please

How to compile (thanks
This is the hidden content, please

I want to give a big thanks to
This is the hidden content, please
. He is the one who actually got this started over in the SPP thread. I just set this one up to have the work he has done in one place, and invite others to join in our efforts.

Also, thanks to
This is the hidden content, please
, aka Encom, for all his previous work, and for stopping by to add more fixes.


This is the hidden content, please
- these are much smaller than the huge droplists currently in the SVN. Whereas you need to set the old ones to .1 - .3x drop rates and still got a decent amount, these at 1x are pretty close to retail at least in quantity. Feel free to test them and give your feedback. Back up, then delete everything in \AionServerPlay\AionGameServer\data\static_data\npc_drops\, then extract this there.


No offense to anyone, but this thread was created in "Aion Development" for a reason. We need people who can actually create fixes, help troubleshoot, or provide detailed bug reports. We asssume that you have at least a basic understanding of:
- compiling the source
- configuring the server to run for testing purposes (1x XP, neutral off, etc)
- how emulators work

There's are tons of tutorials in the forums that have everything you need to learn this. I am by no means a pro coder or developer. Everything I know about setting up emulators I learned from information on this website. If you do not possess that knowledge, don't want to educate yourself, and just want to play the game, that's ok, but you should just stick with Robson's original release for now. All of his releases are easy to set up and amongst the most bug-free that are publicly shared.

Any questions you have about setting up an emulator or errors you get that are not specifically code bugs should be asked in
This is the hidden content, please
, not here.


This source is based on an Encom release, and their code was adapted from Aion-Lightning. We are not removing any credits from the source, and if anyone has further credits that were removed before, we would be happy to add them back in.
We are just trying to make as many improvements/fixes as we can and share it with everyone, while giving proper credit for all the work done before.



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