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How to scan the Marigold for recording devices in Fortnite

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How to scan the Marigold for recording devices in Fortnite

Working your way through the various Midas challenges in Fortnite takes some time, but the payoff is always worth it. In the Et Tu, Brutus section of Chapter 5, Season 2, you need to get out to the Marigold and scan for some recording devices.

The Marigold is a big floating Yacht in the ocean around

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Island. You can find it just off to the west of the map, below The Underworld. You won’t need to swim to it either; there are cables leading to it from both nearby coasts.

Image: PC Invasion

The Marigold can also be seen from the Battle Bus, so if you’re lucky, you can drop right onto it and start scanning for recording devices. However, I recommend trying to get your hands on a few weapons first. The boat is pretty small, and you don’t want to be caught in close quarters with nothing to ****** with.

Once you have landed on the Marigold, you need to scan for the recording devices around the yacht. These will ping up once you have landed and need to be located and activated. However, beware—you won’t be the only one on the boat. Make sure you either turn up armed or loot as quickly as possible.

Once you have managed to scan and locate all the recording devices on the Marigold, you will have completed this quest in the Et Tu, Brutus chapter. You can then proceed to the next stage, in which you need to confront Brutus.

Completing the various challenges as they appear week by week will reward you with some gold-themed cosmetics to show off in the game. You’ll need to keep logging in to check what each new week comes up with.

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