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Despite the Controversies, Even Reddit Admits Stellar Blade Did One Thing Right, Unlike EA Games

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Despite the Controversies, Even
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Admits Stellar Blade Did One Thing Right, Unlike EA Games

It is a rare occasion to see in the present era where a game would offer cosmetics and features made available to the player as they progress towards the end, but luckily this is something that the new and upcoming Stellar Blade title follows.

The evolution of the gaming industry has been phenomenal in the past few decades. Unfortunately, with itself, the evolution has brought some bad factors too, including microtransactions, something which the community always ******** on edge about.

Stellar Blade will fortunately not include microtransactions in-game in order to unlock cosmetics

The director of the game, Hyung-Tae Kim, has revealed in an interview via

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how his latest upcoming game would have many different outfits available to acquire. Luckily, he further mentioned how these outfits will be made available to the player as he progresses through the game, potentially meaning how in-game microtransactions are not a thing in Stellar Blade.

To be more precise, there will be a total of 30 different outfits in the game which can be acquired by exploring, going on missions and quests, or going to the in-game shop made available to the player’s convenience in order to buy them. He says how this will allow the player to enjoy the collecting element of Stellar Blade.

There will be a total of 30 unlockable outfits in the game that can be obtained by just exploring

This interview was also shared in the official Subreddit of the game on

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, where a user commented sharing his thoughts on the game not including microtransactions.

“Absolutely based that they’re not nickel-and-diming us with the extra outfits (hopefully the stargazer stuff can be unlocked as well in some way)”


While appreciating how the studio will not be making the players pay more money out of their wallets after already buying the main game, he added how he hopes the Stargazer cosmetics will be unlocked by progressing through the game as well.

The game is receiving appreciation online for not locking cosmetics behind a paywall

As mentioned before, one of the worst elements that video games have started including in the past decade is microtransactions. For the people who might not be familiar with the term, it stands for when the game includes paywalls within itself with cosmetics and features locked behind it, and can often even grant advantage over other players.

While there are many culprits of doing this, EA is a studio that is known for being notorious in this particular matter. They have been under ***** by fans for constantly including cosmetics and other similar elements of their game behind a paywall in not only one but nearly every single one of their games.

EA is notorious for including microtransactions in its games

When compared to Stellar Blade, a game like Sims 5 or Sports FC (formerly known as FIFA) has way more microtransactions than any one player would like. Regrettably, this is how studios have started to generate revenue for themselves in recent times, essentially meaning that the trend is not going to end anytime soon.

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