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Lethal Company v50 new moons, explained: Adamance, Artifice, Embrion

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Lethal Company v50 new moons, explained: Adamance, Artifice, Embrion

With the new v50 beta being accessible, players are jumping on and finding out everything that’s new. Lethal Company v50 has three new moons called Adamance, Artifice, and Embrion. Here’s how to unlock each new moon and what dangers they introduce.

The Lethal Company beta for v50 introduces Adamance, Artifice, and Embrion, ranging from free to highly-expensive new moons to explore. But what dangers do they possess, and how can you access them? Here’s everything you need to know about these mysterious new moons.

Adamance is the only new free moon with the v50 update. Named 20-Adamance, this moon is Hazard Level B, and it has a large canyon between your ship and the facility. It also has one ***** Escape near a broken bridge.

The most common enemies you’ll see on Adamance are the Old Birds, Thumper, Forest Keeper, Baboon Hawk, and Manticoil. It’s a mountainous region with many trees, as well as a mysterious locked house. To unlock the house on Adamance you must find a key inside the facility.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Open the door, and you’ll find the word “68-ART” written on the wall. This is a hint to how you can access the next moon.

As the hint from Adamance suggested, Artifice is officially named 68-Artifice and is considered a secret moon. Beware of Artifice, as it has Hazard Level S++. Artifice won’t be listed on the list of moons at your terminal. To unlock Artifice, type “68 art” or just “Artifice” at your terminal. You’ll notice that it costs a whopping 1500 credits to venture there.

You can find one ***** Escape by heading to the main entrance to the far right. Once you make it to the end of the building, turn left, and you’ll see the ***** Escape.

Artifice is a strange moon, as it contains four abandoned warehouses. Only three out of the four warehouses are available to explore. Be wary, as you’ll encounter dangerous active machinery, which are large robots waiting to ******* you.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The final new moon from v50 is Embrion, and luckily this only costs 150 credits. It’s a pretty empty moon named 5-Embrion that doesn’t have any biological life. It’s considered abandoned and desolate, but it’s made of amethyst.

Just like Artifice, Embrion contains mechanical robots that’ll ****** their flamethrowers towards you if you get too close. Although there’s no biological life, the dangerous robots make this Hazard Level S.

If you’re looking for the ***** Escape, walk northeast from your ship and you’ll find it. I wouldn’t recommend you head to Embrion if you want good loot, as the Scrap it contains isn’t very valuable.

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