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The best iPhone accessories for 2024

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The best iPhone accessories for 2024

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is a solid, well-designed aluminum frame that folds into a credit card-sized shape. You’re paying a premium for the build design and quality, with a tiny hex key even built into the tripod legs for tightening them, if needed.

With a solid micro-ball head, you can adjust the angle of your iPhone while it’s in tripod mode. Better still, it can firmly attach, magnetically, to the phone in both vertical and horizontal orientations. This makes it an excellent stand for your phone even when you’re not trying to ****** video or photos.

You also don’t need to shell out for a Peak Design case to ensure it works, although it does feel more solidly connected if you do. Any MagSafe iPhone locks onto the peripheral, maintaining a solid hold on this mobile tripod whether in use or folded away.

There are plenty of more affordable MagSafe phone stands, such as

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, which props up your iPhone while holding a few credit cards,
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, and the now-ubiquitous
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. While MagSafe accessories like these are convenient, they won’t be as sturdy as something securely snapped onto your smartphone or a smartphone case. All of the MagSafe stands, wallets, chargers, and other accessories I’ve tried eventually fell off if I applied enough force. However, there’s no sticky residue or the need to use a specific case with Peak Design’s tripod. — Mat Smith, *** Bureau Chief

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