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This Breakdown of Each Playable Character in Marvel Rivals and How They Will Play Has Comic Book Fans Excited to Get Their Hands on the Upcoming Hero Shooter

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This Breakdown of Each Playable Character in Marvel Rivals and How They Will Play Has Comic Book Fans Excited to Get Their Hands on the Upcoming Hero Shooter

Marvel fans are buzzing with excitement as details emerge about NetEase Games‘ upcoming hero shooter, Marvel Rivals. You’ll get the chance to ***** into action-packed battles with your favorite characters, as close alpha testing starts real soon.

We’ve got a bunch of information about the characters, their stats, powers, and more. If you’re a fan of Overwatch and are looking for another team-based shooter, this might be the one for you.

All About NetEase’s New Overwatch-Style Shooter Marvel Rivals

Marvel Rivals will be a fun and refreshing take on team-based shooters.

In this 6v6 hero shooter, players will ***** into intense battles across two exciting game modes: ‘******* mode‘ and ‘king of the hill mode.’ But what’s got fans really pumped are the unique abilities and playstyles of the game’s roster of iconic Marvel characters.

The breakdown, compiled by WillowCCG on X, reveals fascinating information on the gameplay mechanics and strategies for each hero.

One interesting feature is the team-up mechanic, where certain characters will have their abilities modified if a particular character is present on the team.

For example, Namor can use the ‘upgraded turret’ skill if Luna Snow is on the same team.

The Marvel Rivals Roster Is Stacked

The roster is already brimming with fan-favorite superheroes.

Let’s take a closer look at the breakdown of some of the fascinating characters on the Marvel Rivals roster:

  • Iron Man: Known for his high damage output, Iron Man wields 100 ammo capacity and has 250 HP. His abilities include a slow glide for mobility, a temporary stance switch, a rocket grenade for explosive damage, and a high-DPS AoE *******.
  • Bruce Banner/Hulk: As a tank, Hulk has an infinite ammo capacity and 20 in his Bruce Banner form, with 200 HP as Bruce and a whopping 900 HP as Hulk. His abilities include the devastating Hulk Smash, a powerful clap, and an ally buff called “Infuse” that boosts damage, with a team-up effect when paired with Iron Man.
  • Spider-Man: A highly agile DPS character, he relies on melee attacks with 300 HP. His abilities include a fast web swing for mobility, AoE damage, and stun ability.
  • Loki: As a support character, Loki has 10 ammo and 250 HP. His abilities include creating illusions and turrets, swapping between abilities, and transforming into another character to use their ultimate.
  • Doctor Strange: A tank with 6 ammo and 600 HP, Doctor Strange can toggle a shield, create portals, and unleash his ultimate, Agamotto, to stun nearby enemies.
  • ****** Panther: A DPS character with melee attacks and 300 HP. He has abilities like a dash *******, Cyclone, and his ultimate for AoE damage.
  • Groot: He is a tank with pseudo-melee attacks and an unknown HP. His abilities include a ramp for defense and maneuverability, and an ultimate that possibly involves pulling enemies.

If you want to give the game a shot and try these characters out yourself, you can register for closed alpha testing, which begins in May.

What do you think about Marvel Rivals? Are there any characters you’d like to see join the roster? Let us know in the comments below!

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