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Tekken 8 “Pluggers Purgatory” to Be Introduced, Character Usage Data Revealed

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Tekken 8 “Pluggers Purgatory” to Be Introduced, Character Usage Data Revealed

Lexreborn29d ago

When it comes to fighting games as long as you can ****** a character there really isn’t a “have not scenario” unless you actually want said character. And if it’s support after the launch of said game you will always be able to ****** the character in question.

But of course if you want this BRAND new content, that they are developing AFTER you bought a game presented to you as a complete product. Then what again are you complaining about? These devs are still actively working on the Game you have, updating it and changing the ORIGINAL product you bought and improving your experience.

Is that not a continued service that should be equally compensated for?

If the game released with 2 characters, training mode, no trials and had online with a separate package including 15 characters and costumes I would understand the resentment.

But you are talking about a game that you get a complete story mode. 18-24 characters, extra modes, a robust online experience and character creation. And that’s not enough to justify a 70$ tag?

And with people who are ACTUALLY committed to fighting games like myself putting in 700-1000 plus hours in year 1? Perhaps the option for you to wait for what you consider a “complete” package is what you should wait for, but isn’t that still something completely within your ability to do? Wait for what you deem reasonable?

If the base community like myself or OP find the content engaging and enjoying it why are we arguing over “devs being greedy” when truth is there won’t be a happy medium?

Because if we go back to the 90s model get ready for the type of support that Nether realms is getting panned for RIGHT now with how they support their game 2-3 years with minimal improvements and then release another version that is also not complete.

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#Tekken #Pluggers #Purgatory #Introduced #Character #Usage #Data #Revealed

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