Following a recent trailer for the game, the president of developer Bloober Team claimed that it wasn’t an accurate representation of the game.

In an interview with Polish investor news channel

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– Bloober Team president Piotr Babieno was asked about the reaction to the trailer.

Babieno replied that the latest trailer wasn’t representative of the game Bloober Team is working on, and that he understood the negative comments being directed at the game based on the trailer.

“I wrote those negative comments myself,” Babieno reportedly joked, saying: “In all seriousness, we are not responsible for the marketing side.”

Referring to Konami, he added: “That is entirely the responsibility of our partner. Certainly, this trailer does not reflect the spirit of the game.

“It is not the spirit of either what it used to be or what we are creating now. We are trying to fully reflect this romantic vision about the game, which debuted 22 years ago.

“We think that when players see the real gameplay, the real game, they will judge it in a completely different way.”