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Fans of the Classic Bungie Series Are Lamenting What It Has Become

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Fans of the Classic Bungie Series Are Lamenting What It Has Become

The rise and fall are natural happenings in any facet of markets, and the gaming sector has been infested by this a lot recently. From Call of Duty to Halo, the once-admired franchises by fans are loathed, with some hoping developers revisit the roots to make them the fine franchises they once were.

Before falling into the hands of 343 Industries management, Bungie developed and released Halo games, beginning with Combat Evolved, which was also the launch game for the first Xbox console put forth in front of gamers in 2001. Does this mean the franchise should have been in control of Bungie then? Maybe. But we must not forget that the emphasis on quantity has afflicted even the best.

Halo Needs More, And Better, In-Game Content

Bungie initially developed Halo before 343 Industries took over.

Halo isn’t likely to be the victim of the quantity-over-quality plague but has fallen victim to the fast evolution of games and not keeping up with it. Social media conversations show that fans feel the same way about the game. One

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believes that “Halo is a shell from what it once was. There is more irl content out there than there is in game content.”

The debate sparked over the social media platform

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, where a user shared an image of a toy set where the company put an artificial head of actor Pablo Schreiber with a removable helmet. The actor plays the Master Chief in the game’s live-action TV adaptation.

As of now, the TV series has released a couple of seasons, which the critics deem average, if not ********, like the game has become. A user named Logan Bordelon on the same post suggested that the fans should, “Read the books, way better” than other media adaptations.

Recently, some gamers-****-trolls even tried to compare the popular franchise with new games like Helldivers 2. However, the creators thankfully take such matters into their own hands, taping the mouths of these trolls shut.

The New Game Better Sustain This Time

Another game in the franchise is likely to drop this year.

Why the game has gone so bad in fans’ eyes isn’t exactly clear, but the people have their opinions on the situation. One of the

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conversations may shed some light on this. A debate got underway by a user dubbed Lego_Maniac01 supports the time and innovation factor.

It isn’t 343’s fault, but rather time and innovation,” the user implies.

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The latest game in the franchise, Halo Infinite, came in 2021. On the surface, it appeared as if the game is finally revisiting the roots and players will finally get to play the fun old classic game again. However, as player engagement flatlined, everybody felt the time for the franchise might have come.

Xbox Game Studio CEO Matt ****** also admitted on a podcast that the game ******* to sustain after the initial success. A new game in the franchise was teased earlier this year and is likely to arrive by 2024’s end. It may well do better, or the fans may be done with the game for good if it doesn’t.

Do you think Halo still has that charm? Let us know in the comments below.

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