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Dead Island 2 Coming to Steam on April 22

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***** Island 2 Coming to Steam on April 22

***** Island 2 is one of the most entertaining and visceral zombie-slaying titles money can buy. It was released in April 2023 to an extremely positive reception after being trapped in a delayed development cycle that lasted more than a decade. It’s a gory, high-octane, semi-open-world game bursting with violent action, kooky characters, and unhinged, intriguing storylines.

And on April 22, it’s coming to Steam.

***** Island 2’s Steam release promises to bring the zombie-slashing epic to a new market, which is fantastic for Dambuster, the game’s developer. In November, the game’s first expansion was released – Haus – and days before the game hits the Steam storefront, the second expansion, named SoLA, will launch to an eager reception.

There’s nothing overly complex about ***** Island 2. If you want to slay zombies in the most imaginative, brutal ways while gallivanting around with friends and a beautifully detailed map, this is a game you should consider picking up. It recently went live on Xbox Game Pass, which means if you’re a subscriber, you can soak up everything the base game offers for no extra cost.

***** Island 2 can be wishlisted now on Steam, and that includes the various editions of the game that were available when it launched early in 2023:

  • Standard Edition
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Gold Edition

And if you want to dabble in the expansions, consider picking up the Expansion Pass to save a little moolah.

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