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Kill the Justice League Season 1 Are In, Here is What DC Fans Make of the New Content

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***** the Justice League Season 1 Are In, Here is What DC Fans Make of the New Content

******** Squad ***** the Justice League has been faced with backlash after backlash. The newest superhero live-service game from Rocksteady Studios is not meeting DC fans’ expectations.

The Season 1 Episode 1

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dropped on March 28, and fans are still not happy. With the additions of Elseworld Joker and new weapons, how the update is structured, and the overall content have left much to be desired. 

It seems that Rocksteady doesn’t understand how to bridge their seasonal updates with the current player base to keep them engaged. If players are still upset with how ******** Squad ***** the Justice League is being handled, how are new players expected to come in and have fun?

Not even The Joker can save Rocksteady’s ******** Squad

Since ******** Squad Season 1 has launched, fans have been very vocal on social media about their dislike on the update.

Holding out for the past two months, hoping this new update would bring new life to ******** Squad, for it to only cause more frustration within the community.

The update itself includes a number of changes, including new missions, weapons, skins, and, of course, the Elseworld Joker. Rocksteady also balanced certain gameplay mechanics to make it more streamline and fixed a ton of bugs.

Despite what it may look on the surface, Season 1 of ******** Squad ***** the Justice League has not provided much to the players who expected more from this update. There are no new story missions, Joker isn’t unlocked at the start, and there’s more grinding.

To unlock Joker, players must first reach Season Rank 35, which will require them to grind out 15 to 20 missions. For Rocksteady to not have the Joker unlockable at the start is bizarre, to say the least. On top of the lack of new story content, this update was destined to fail. 

Fans are upset and ****** over ******** Squad‘s Season 1 update

DC fans have taken to social media to discuss the problem plaguing Season 1 of ******** Squad ***** the Justice League. Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor for Forbes, has

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how bad this update is by listing off its problems, such as no story missions, grinding 20 missions to unlock Joker, and the reuse of old content. 

Other fans have taken to

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and shared their disappointment with ******** Squad Season 1. Outright calling this new update “baffling” and calling Warner Bros. Games the new EA.

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There are countless other DC fans voicing their frustrations at r/SuicideSquadGaming where Rocksteady Studios has fumbled the ball. Only time will tell if ******** Squad ***** the Justice League has any more life in it as future updates get released. 

What do you think of ******** Squad Season 1? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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