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Fans Protest Against the Side Quests in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth

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Fans Protest Against the Side Quests in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth

Final Fantasy is, without a doubt, one of the most popular ********* role-playing franchises out there. Square Enix tasks its various in-house development studios to develop several games in this franchise every few years. This assures a steady flow of new games in the series. Keeping up with this trend, last year Final Fantasy XVI was launched, and this year fans got Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth.

While this newly released remake of this 1997 original is no doubt an excellent game, fans have started noticing some problems with it. One can be assured that some minor problems in otherwise excellent games should not ruin anyone’s experience, but some fans disagree; they just cannot look beyond the numerous side quests on offer in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth.

Fans are already fed up with Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth side quests

Final Fantasy VII artwork

Open World games need side quests; they are there to give players some respite from those main story missions that put a lot of pressure on the players. Players get to interact with the world around them, do stuff for NPCs, and learn more about this game’s lore.

For those unaware Final Fantasy has a long history of treating its fans to some interesting side quests. From underwater soccer called Blitzball to a bunch of extra areas to explore, developers put a lot of effort into designing these highly detailed short missions.

But not everyone is fond of these quests, and not everyone likes wasting their time doing stuff that does not make a dent in the main story of the game. That’s what fans are saying about the recently launched Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth’s side quests.

A still from Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth

A while ago,

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of Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, revealed how much work went into developing this game. He also discussed in detail how they have included a bunch of side quests in this new game. He suggested this was done to give fans a better experience with the game’s world.

With the side quests and side content that are present in Rebirth, it’s not merely that one does the side quest and that’s it. It’s more like when you take on a side quest, you then also explore a relationship between characters as well too, where perhaps Cloud and an alternate character like Aerith or Red XIII would work together to complete the side quest, and then that again adds another layer to the story and the meaningfulness of the characters.

But now, months after that statement,

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. And they might not be wrong with the complaining either. After all, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth has 36 side quests for gamers to complete.

Every chapter

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, and players would have to complete them to get 100% completion in it. Hence, it can be a big issue for gamers who want to get 100% completion in this game but find these side quests too much.

Fans have raised their voices against and in support of the game

A still from Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth

Fans all over the internet have decided to voice their opinion on this thing. Some are against this number of side quests, while others suggest that they are not so bad. The baseline is that the fanbase is currently divided on this verdict.


Let’s see which direction the developers go in with any future remakes that they plan to launch.

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