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MrBeast Goes Through Absolute Hell on an Island to Survive 7 Days and Now Fans Can Experience the Thrill With MrBeast Zombie Island Video Game

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MrBeast Goes Through Absolute ***** on an Island to Survive 7 Days and Now Fans Can Experience the Thrill With MrBeast Zombie Island Video Game

With pioneering a content genre focusing on expensive stunts, challenges, and donations, MrBeast has undoubtedly garnered a remarkable reputation as one of the most entertaining YouTubers of all time. The 25-year-old enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame not as a result of chance but a pure combination of unique content, sheer originality, and an unwavering commitment to captivate his audience.

A still from the 7 Days Stranded on An Island video

MrBeast must love pushing himself and his friends in each video, as his newest video involves another test of wills. In his newest video, the YouTuber along with his friends goes on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere for seven long days. Jimmy Donaldson goes through absolute ***** while surviving on the island along with his friends. To help the fans understand what he went through on the island, a game has been released that looks quite fun to play.

MrBeast’s New Challenge Pushed Him To His Limits

MrBeast has been doing a lot of extreme videos lately, but his newest video tops them all. His newest video released this Saturday, titled 7 Days Stranded On An Island, features him and his friends, Noah, Chandler, and two new additions — Mack and Shawn on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere, where they have to survive for 7 whole days.


To give an understanding of how difficult it is to survive, the YouTuber stated in the

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, “Despite its beauty, civilization has not been able to survive on this island for over 250 years.” However, he is quite optimistic to survive on the island. As seen in the video, the creator along with his crew arrived at the island on a raft, and within a couple of hours, built themselves shelter and a fireplace for themselves. As the sun set, they started a *****, using sunscreen as fuel to light it.

However, MrBeast and his friends went through absolute *****, as in a now-deleted tweet on X shared by the creator himself via

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stating the harsh conditions that he and his friends went through.

The participants getting attacked by the bugs

He tweeted,

“Our new 7 days on deserted island video is extremely rough. We had to film it twice because the first time I woke up during the challenge with like 1,000 bug bites/sunburn and couldn’t keep going.”

The environment was incredibly challenging, as the creator was sunburned on the first day, and on the first night, he was constantly tossing and turning around, sleeping uncomfortably. But the situation worsened because, by the second night, things took a horrific turn as the entire crew was attacked by bugs that infested the island, Chandler and MrBeast suffered the most; both couldn’t get any sleep on the second night and caught up on sleep the following morning.

Nevertheless, the conditions were extremely harsh, and Donaldson was not exaggerating when he mentioned how civilization, could not thrive on the island for over 250 years.

Fans Can Experience The Same Thrill in a MrBeast Zombie Island Video Game

The creator and his team indeed had a difficult time surviving on the island for seven days, to give fans a gist of how difficult it was to survive on the island T5G (@

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) on X shared a game titled MrBeast Zombie Island, where the island will be infested with zombies, and players will obtain ******* boxes and upgrades for defeating the zombies. 

Chandler and MrBeast sleeping after getting attacked by bugs

The difficulty will progressively increase as time progresses, but that’s not all as the game will also feature custom animations for each player. Naturally, the fans of the creator were hyped as they learned about the game, sharing positive feedback and how they would love to play the game along with their friends.

Nevertheless, the game has attracted thousands of fans, who have played the game and had a great time playing the game, showcasing the harsh conditions on the island.

7 Days Stranded On An Island video can be streamed on MrBeast’s official

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