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Dr Disrespect Nearly Goes all Chuck Norris on Alan Wake 2 During Live Stream

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Dr Disrespect Nearly Goes all Chuck Norris on Alan Wake 2 During Live Stream

Alan Wake 2 is, according to many, the Game of the Year for 2023; this is without a doubt the best game that Remedy Entertainment has made. This title perfectly mixes the survival horror genre with a deep meta-narrative that has an amazing mystery style. Praised by critics and players equally, this title has left a path for future games to follow. 

One famous streamer may not agree with this fact and did not want to play this again, Dr. Disrespect. The popular streamer falls victim to one of the main features of Alan Wake 2, the jump scares.

Dr. Disrespect end up not being so fan of Alan Wake 2

Remedy Entertainment has redefined the survival horror genre with Alan Wake 2. This game, with its astounding, deep narrative and amazingly developed characters, could easily win Game of the Year at any other time. This title has two main protagonists, Alan Wake and Saga Anderson, both with their own abilities. One particular very manly streamer has been a victim of the incredibly terrifying setting of this game. Dr. Disrespect had a not-so-welcome surprise with the game

Dr. Disrespect is known to be an avid player of different first-person shooters, like Call of Duty: Warzone, Escape from Tarkov, and many others. It’s not very common that Dr Disrespect plays games like Alan Wake 2, but without any warning, he tried the game with the most unexpected result.

He was really surprised not to be scared about one of the parts of the game that has Saga as the main character. The stream was running, and their fans caught this. Dr. Disrespect tried to make it seem like nothing happened without success.

Alan Wake 2 is one of the best games of the last year

Fans quickly responded to the viral clip, saying that he was only dodging the game; aside from that, it makes no sense. Other fans used the Chuck Norris strategy, saying that he was just scaring the jump scare. In the video, the streamer clearly knows that he got scared and tries not to laugh about it. The clip is very funny, especially how he keeps silent for a moment. 

Remedy has confirmed that the first DLC for Alan Wake 2 will be coming sometime this year. The title will also add a New Game Plus mode for players to discover all the secrets that Alan Wake 2 has and unlock all the upgrades. Remedy is already working on a new entry for this franchise, including a new Control title and a remake of Max Payne

What are your thoughts about Dr.Disrespect and Alan Wake 2?

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