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Alone In The Dark – Chapter 2 Clock Puzzle Guide

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Alone In The Dark – Chapter 2 Clock Puzzle Guide

Chapter 2 of Alone in the Dark places you back in Derceto, with your primary objective to repair the plate in the Clock found on the second floor in the Gallery. In order to repair the clock, you will need to find the two missing clock plate pieces before you can continue forward. One can be found in the garden area, while the other is located in Perosi’s Bedroom.

The Garden Well clock plate piece

The clock plate piece can be retrieved from the well by filling it with water.

The first clock plate piece can be found in a well in the corner of the garden, which you may have noticed during the first chapter of the game. In order to get that plate out, you will need to acquire the Bolt Cutters. If you haven’t, the Bolt Cutters can be found on the first floor in the Small Parlor. Enter the room and attempt to enter the door that is locked by a visible lock and chain. The room will transform and will be partially flooded. On the desk in the corner of the room, there is a set of Bolt Cutters. Pick them up and then use it on the chained door, which will change the room back to normal. Now head to the Garden and access the shed using the Bolt Cutters.

Inside the shed is a hose, which can be attached to the end of the hose already on the ground near the well. Follow the existing hose back to the water spout and turn it on, filling the well with water and bringing the piece up with the water level so you can grab it.

Perosi’s Room clock plate piece

The next clock plate piece you need to find is located in Perosi’s Room, which is on the second floor, down the hall from the Gallery where the clock is located. This room is located and you will need Room Key #6, which can be found on the first floor in the Clerk’s Office on a table. With that key, head into Perosi’s Room. There is a box locked behind a combination lock with astrology symbols on it. On the bed there is a journal with an image of the astrology wheel, assigning numbers to the different signs. This single journal entry will be used multiple times in the game, and this is your first instance.

There is a series of six paintings with rot going through them, you need to flip over some of the paintings to complete the rot mark, leaving the names of three people visible, as shown in the image below.

You need to turn over the second, third, and sixth paintings.

Those three names relate to numbers on a ship crew painting in the room, with the numbers being 2, 9, 4, which is the combination to the lock. These numbers translate to Pisces, Libra, Taurus, which is the order you need to input these symbols into the lock. The second clock plate piece is inside the box.

The combo for the lock is the Pisces, Libra, and Taurus symbols, in that order.

How to solve the Clock plate puzzle

With both pieces you can head back to the clock and assemble the plate. The center piece cannot be moved, so you need to line up the gold lines and other marks for the four side pieces and the four corner pieces, with the completed version visible below.

This is the what the final placement of the plate pieces should look like.

Once completed, you need to put in the three number combination of the Talisman to send yourself to a new spooky location. The clock face has three circles, each with a number being pointed to. The circle sizes relate to the different size circles on the talisman, with the combination being 6, 4, 3. Once entered, you will see images of Jeremy Hartwood’s room. Enter his room and exit and you will enter the new spooky environment, solving the puzzle.

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