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Dubbed the ‘Wild West of Stupidity,’ EA May Have Broken EA Sports FC 24

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Dubbed the ‘Wild West of Stupidity,’ EA May Have Broken EA Sports FC 24

When EA Sports FC 24 came out on September 29th, 2023, nobody expected a wave of disappointment this strong. While reactions have often been negative, there wasn’t too much chatter about the game until now.

In a recent

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post that has garnered significant attention from the game’s community, a passionate fan of the franchise has dubbed EA the “Wild West of Stupidity,” expressing extreme frustration with the latest installment in the FIFA franchise.

EA Sports FC 24 Dunked on by Disappointed Fan

One fan thinks EA Sports FC 24 should’ve stayed in the drafts.

Recently, all ***** broke loose on the EA Sports FC subreddit when one ****** fan ***** out their frustrations about the franchise’s latest release.

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Having been a gamer since they were a wee child,

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user Hungry-Salamander687 expressed complete disappointment at the way the EA Sports series has evolved over the years.

One of their earliest experiences was FIFA 10, but they find the latest installment unrecognizable compared to the past.

Following a recent patch, EA Sports FC 24‘s gameplay has gotten even worse, with issues in dribbling, defending, and *********.

Ultimately, they’ve given up on Ultimate Team and now play other games like GTA V and Need for Speed. They occasionally participate in a few Pro Club matches but stay away from playing FIFA for too long due to the previously mentioned reasons.

Hungry-Salamander687 goes out of their way to warn people who play FIFA solely out of addiction to explore other gaming options.

Apparently, they can’t even delve into the reasons why they find the gameplay bad, “because it just makes my heart rate skyrocket.

To end the rant, they make a serious claim:

I would rather code MATLAB for 7 hours straight than play another weekend league, and i’ll put my whole family tree on that.

While the

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user seemed sure of their hatred for the game, not a lot of other users felt the same.

Is the New FIFA Game Really That Bad?

Fans began to dunk on the rant, disagreeing with many of the complaints made.

Comments on Hungry-Salamander687’s post were a mixed bag, but many of the top-rated ones seemed to inherently disagree with their criticism of EA Sports FC 24 and called the OP out for their supposed experience in gaming:

play more games, this is nowhere near the worst game ive ever played

One user felt that there was a very easy solution to solving all of the OP’s problems:

Usually we get the daily “this is the worst fifa EVER” posts. Now we’ve moved up to “worst game EVER”. Maybe I don’t know, stop playing?

However, not everyone seemed to disagree. There were a few people who felt the OP had a point somewhere.

Do you feel like the OP’s words were an overreaction, or do you agree with what they said? What changes would you make to EA Sports FC 24 if you had the chance? Let us know in the comments below!

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#Dubbed #Wild #West #Stupidity #Broken #Sports

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