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Best ways to earn Event Points in COD Warzone Mobile

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Best ways to earn Event Points in COD Warzone Mobile

While you’re playing COD Warzone Mobile, you won’t be just ********* other players or trying to survive long enough to extract. To add more life to each match, you can complete events that give you and your team an incentive to ****** *******. When you complete these events you’ll earn event points. Getting Event Points can be straightforward, but this guide will show you the best ways to earn them in COD Warzone Mobile.

To start getting Event Points (EP for short), you need to play in contested zones throughout the map. While you’re in these zones, you can earn from ******** other players, doing contracts, getting a headshot, buying a blueprint from any of the buy stations in the zone, and more. So obtaining EP is easy, however, since earning EP matters for the community, maximizing the output is more important. 

Screenshot: Activision

You know how to get EP, let’s go over the best ways to earn them. The first thing you should do is aim for those contracts. Each time you complete one in the contested zone, you’re team will a large amount of EP and maybe some XP as a bonus. 

Another good tip is to keep moving and look out for any objectives. The more you do this, the more those points add up making the milestone easier to achieve.

Screenshot: Activision

There will be supply crates that drop periodically. When they do, grab a vehicle and chase after each one. Supply crates are great for many reasons, like getting new gear, so it’s worth your time. 

You can also find Tacticle Boosts littered through the map. These will give you more EP for whatever you’re doing. For example, if you do the contracts and have the boost active, you could potentially earn double EP

The cool thing about this mechanic is that everyone gets rewarded no matter how they play. Skins in COD Warzone Mobile can be earned in a few ways like the Ghost Condemed one. If the community manages to get the sixth contested zone, they can earn the Golden Phantom Ghost Operator skin. 

Screenshot: Activision

There will be weapons to earn outside of the Arsenal Store. Meaning, you’ll get bluerprints of weapons as you win more contested zones. 

Before diving into COD Warzone Mobile, you should earn Hunger Pains skin in MW3. We have a guide to walk you through the process.

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