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Sydney Sweeney Ignites the Console Wars Again With Latest The Simpsons Admission and Makes Every Milennial Feel Old in the Process

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Sydney Sweeney Ignites the Console Wars Again With Latest The Simpsons Admission and Makes Every Milennial Feel Old in the Process

Just when it started to seem like the console wars were coming to an end with Xbox bringing its exclusive games to other platforms, Sydney Sweeney may have unintentionally started them again. For those pop culture enthusiasts who needed more reasons to fall in love with the Anyone But You star, she used to be a gamer back in the day, and her latest comments are a trip down memory lane.

In fact, there was one game that Sweeney was obsessed with, and it’s going to be a nostalgic punch for millennials.

Sydney Sweeney Reveals the Console She Used to Play on

Sydney Sweeney used to be obsessed with a particular Simpsons game.

During an interview with IGN, Madame Web star Sweeney revealed that she used to play video games with her brother back in the day. Which naturally brings up two important questions: what game was it and which console did she play it on?

To answer the latter, Sweeney confirmed that her gaming sessions used to be “on the Xbox,” so for those gamers who still care about the console wars, that’s a definite point added to the

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side of things.

Now that that’s out of the way, Sweeney also responded to the former question, revealing that she adored Simpsons‘ take on the Crazy Taxi formula, Road Rage. This has been something that has probably kept fans awake at night ever since Sweeney mentioned her childhood favorite Simpsons game during the marketing phase for Madame Web, but she never specified which one it was.

All we got was a basic idea as she pretended to operate a steering wheel, narrowing things down but leaving the particular title up for speculation.

Not Many People Were Expecting RR to Be the Answer

Road Rage was not exactly well-received, with many calling it a Crazy Taxi ripoff.

Considering Sweeney’s age, most of the speculations regarding her favorite game growing up revolved around Hit & Run and RR, but the latter turned out to be a clear Crazy Taxi ripoff, so the guesses started to lean more on the former’s side. Compared to RR, which resulted in ***** suing the developers, Hit & Run was much better received by critics and fans, which is why it would have made perfect sense for it to be Sweeney’s gaming haven.

Even today, gamers want a remastered version or a sequel to the 2003 action-adventure title, but sadly, the developers confirmed last year that although another installment was in the works, it was shelved due to “bizarre” decisions.

For now, Sweeney and Simpsons fans can rest assured knowing that the title she played growing up was Road Rage, and she liked to pick Homer while driving through the in-game city.

Do you side with Sweeney and like RR as well, or do you prefer Hit & Run instead? Let us know in the comments below!

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