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EA Sports FC 24 Breaks Gamer, Becomes the ‘worst video game ever’ in Explosive Rant

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EA Sports FC 24 Breaks Gamer, Becomes the ‘worst video game ever’ in Explosive Rant

EA Sports FC 24 had a lot riding on its shoulders considering how it was responsible for kickstarting a revamping of the FIFA series. Naturally, since it became known that Electronic Arts’ partnership with FIFA had ended, fans’ skepticism started to grow, with players worried that the rebrand wouldn’t be able to live up to the franchise that preceded it.

However, it wasn’t that disastrous of a launch for EA Sports FC 24, although the reviews were mixed. As enough time has passed since its release, one player has realized that the game is much worse than the community initially thought.

EA Sports FC 24 Has Completely Broken One Player

An EA Sports FC 24 player has had enough of the game, resulting in an extensive rant.

A player got so frustrated with EA Sports FC 24 that, of course, they took to the series’ subreddit and explained what exactly the game did to completely break their hopes regarding it. Calling it “the worst video game” they have ever played in their over-a-decade-long gaming experience, the gamer stated that they have been with the football simulation franchise since the good old FIFA 10 days, leading to even more disappointment with the latest release.


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user claimed that the recent patch that Electronic Arts has released for EA Sports FC 24has literally made the game unplayable,” and the drastic dip in quality makes the title “completely unrecognizable.”

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The explosive rant about EA Sports FC 24 included shots fired at Electronic Arts, as the player called the company “Wild Wild West of Stupidity” due to the decisions it is making with its game. Apparently, Electronic Arts has somehow “managed to make” the gameplay elements even “worse” than before, and even then, according to the

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user, they were “already horrific.”

The latest patch has affected plenty of aspects, including dribbling, defending, and *********, leading to the gamer deciding to “quit playing Ultimate Team entirely.”

The Annoyed EA Sports FC 24 Player Has a Message for the Community

The frustrated EA Sports FC 24 player wants the community to try out other games instead.

Using words like “abysmal” and “catastrophe” for EA Sports FC 24, the player is now opting for other video games instead, which include Grand Theft Auto V and Need for Speed. It will not be easy to leave the football simulation title entirely, as the

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user will still “play one or two Pro Clubs games” sometimes, but that is about it.

As a public service announcement, the gamer wants the EA Sports FC 24 community to try out other games, especially those players who are addicted to the Electronic Arts title.

If anything, EA Sports FC 24 is making the player want to “code MATLAB for 7 hours straight than play another weekend league,” so it can’t be all that bad.

Does EA Sports FC 24 live up to its FIFA counterparts for you? Let us know in the comments!

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