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Walton Goggins Said Yes to Fallout Without Even Knowing He’s Playing The Ghoul

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Walton Goggins Said Yes to Fallout Without Even Knowing He’s Playing The Ghoul

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Prime and Bethesda shook hands to bring Fallout fans the one thing they have been craving for a very long time. The Fallout series was announced a while ago, and its trailer was made public back in 2023. Eventually, the creators even announced a launch date for the series, which is April 11, 2024.

Among this slew of announcements, some things pleasantly surprised everyone. One of them was the fact that the Dark Knight writer and creator of Westworld, Jonathan Nolan, was one of the showrunners on this project. The second surprise was that none other than Walton Goggins would be playing a crucial part in this series—a part of a ghoul. But he signed this role way before he knew what it was all about!

Walton Goggins came overboard with the Fallout series team for one specific reason!

A still from the Fallout series showing Walton Goggins

The lore of the Fallout series is pretty interesting. Spanning hundreds of years, its history usually comes down to one event: a great war. A nuclear war that destroyed pretty much the whole world. But before the whole of humanity could be eradicated, some lucky souls were shoved into well-designed bunkers known as vaults.

Usually, the main character in these games is one of the people living in these underground vaults. And when they are somehow made aware that the outside world is safe to explore, they get out of that vault.

But what happens to people who remain outside? Well, most of them **** without a doubt. Those who live turn into ugly mutants called ghouls. Their faces are basically skeletons with some skin on them. They have no nose, but are somehow capable of living for hundreds of years.

Most of the Ghouls usually lose their minds over this time, but some hold onto their sanity and start building a bridge between themselves and “normal” human beings that come out of these vaults. This is the kind of character Walton Goggins plays in the Fallout series.

But the twist is that he never knew he would be playing a ghoul in this series. In fact, when creator Johnathan Nolan contacted him for this role, he simply said yes, all because he was so hyped about working on a project developed by the creator of Westworld. But when

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he hesitated for a bit.

“We were like two minutes into the Zoom call I was having with Jonathan Nolan, and I said, I’m in. He said, Don’t you want to read a script? I said, sure, whatever. He said, well do you want to know who you’re playing, what the character is? I said yeah, okay, go ahead, tell me. And he said, he’s 200 years old, he’s a bounty hunter that has been roaming a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and he has no nose. And I said, you know what? Could you send those scripts?

He obviously had his reservations about not having a nose in this series, but gave in and decided to do the role. But this does not mean the role was easy to play.

A still showing the world of Fallout

He had to sit through hours of makeup; it took such a toll on him that he learned to appreciate his nose,

“I have so much gratitude for my nose, you wake up in the morning, you go, oh, I love you, you’re so beautiful.”

Although he wears a lot of makeup for most of the part, his non-mutated persona also appears in some of the flashback sequences throughout the series. It looks like the series is shaping up to be a multilayered, emotional story featuring a number of characters.

That’s exactly what a Fallout story needs to be. Let’s hope this upcoming adaptation satisfies fans who have been waiting long enough for a TV adaptation.

No update on
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’s **** of War series, yet!

A still from **** of War featuring Kratos

While the Fallout series is just under a month away from launch, there’s much

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still has under wraps. The
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for one, has no release date or even release window. The only confirmation that has been given is that game director Cory Barlog will be part of the show in some way.

On the other hand, there’s the

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that Henry Cavill is developing for
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. It came as one of the biggest surprises of last year, and fans without a doubt have lots of expectations from it as well.

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