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Jim Cramer defends Elon Musk’s use of ketamine for depression

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Jim Cramer defends Elon Musk’s use of ketamine for depression

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. The interview was supposed to have been the first episode. “It’s a shame,” Cramer said. Musk admits he has depression and admits he takes a ***** that has helped millions of people and “for that, he’s pilloried?” Cramer said. “Why should we care that he needs a legal substance to be able to create things that you and I can’t create?” Cramer said he’s worked with Johnson & Johnson to understand the benefits of ketamine for depression. “This ***** is a safe saver; safe saver meaning it’s saved a lot of people from ******** themselves.” The Food and ***** Administration in 2019 approved J & J’s ketamine-like nasal spray to treat depression in patients who have not benefited from two or more antidepressants. “I hope that people recognize from this man that he just saved a lot of lives. I don’t think he meant to, but he did,” Cramer said. Over the years, the “**** Money” host has defended Musk’s brilliance as a visionary but has also questioned some of the Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s remarks and stances on controversial issues. Musk’s use of ketamine was reported in The Wall Street Journal in January, in the context of concerns raised by some Tesla and SpaceX executives. Ketamine was recently in the news because the autopsy report of “Friends” actor Matthew Perry said he ***** of the “acute effects of ketamine.” Ketamine is controversial because of its reputation as a party ***** known as Special K.

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