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Stephen A Smith Calls Out Fortnite Developers in an Unexpected Rant

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Stephen A Smith Calls Out Fortnite Developers in an Unexpected Rant

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1 had a great and long run and finals fans got to see the Greek-themed mythology in Chapter 5 Season 2. The new season included gods gods like Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, and more. Every Greek ****, including Hades, Aphrodite, Zeus, and Apollo, comes with beautiful skin with distinctive patterns.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

Epic Games’ Fortnite is also known for its out-of-the-box collaborations, and not only fictional ones like with Greek mythology but also with real-life characters like celebrities and musicians. The game has introduced the players to some great names such as Eminem, The Weeknd, and Travis Scott which have been one of the best things for the game.

Stephen A. Smith wants to be a part of Fortnite

According to a recent development, Stephen A. Smith the popular NBA analyst and TV personality, has expressed a ******* for a skin for himself in the game which is one of the more unexpected crossover ideas to surface in the Fortnite community.

Stephen A. Smith | Source: People.com

As posted on his official X account, Stephen A. Smith during one of his recent TV shows had a brief conversation with one of the developers of Fortnite. While speaking with the developer during the popular ‘Call Stephen A’ segment of the show, the NBA analyst

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about his favorite Fortnite skin.

During the call, he went on to joke and asked the developer about his collaboration and when will he be getting his own skin in the game. Smith also joked about Bruno Mars getting his own Fortnite skin and therefore he should also be a part of the game. He ended the call with the developer on the note that they should try to bring his skin to the game.

Many fans seemed to be excited with Smith’s statement. Along with the skins, some fans have also suggested some cosmetic additions that might go well with the skins. This would definitely include his iconic cowboy hat, along with his dialogue, “I’m here to tell you… We don’t care”. Moreover, this is now the first time he suggested about a Fortnite collaboration.

Stephen A. Smith shows his Fortnite skin

The whole idea that Stephen A. Smith should collaborate with Fortnite, began in response to a query from @TheCasno concerning the TV personality obtaining a skin in Fortnite.

Bruno Mars in Fortnite

Following this, Stephen A. Smith himself responded, posting a picture of the AI design for his Fortnite skin and enquiring, “When are we going to make this happen? asking the

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While Stephen might have said all of these as a joke and the collaboration may seem hilarious, fans shouldn’t be surprised if they get to see this getting unfolded in the near future. This is because Epic Games is well known for featuring such unique and unimaginable collaborations in Fortnite.


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