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Congressional leaders, White House reach key agreement on DHS funding as deadline to avert government shutdown nears

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Congressional leaders, White House reach key agreement on DHS funding as deadline to avert government shutdown nears

Washington — Congressional negotiators and the White House reached an agreement late Monday on funding for the Department of Homeland Security, sources familiar with the discussions confirmed to CBS News.

The agreement moves Congress one step closer to finalizing a bipartisan package to fund the government after months of disagreement and shutdown threats. 

The DHS funding has appeared to be the main sticking point in a broader spending package, which includes funding for the departments of Defense, Financial Services, Labor, Health and Human Services, for State and Foreign Operations and the legislative branch. But legislative text is not expected before Wednesday, teeing up a tight timeline to approve the legislation and stave off a partial government shutdown by a Friday night deadline.  

The package is the second of two, after lawmakers approved funding that covers a smaller portion of the government earlier this month. 

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, *********** of Louisiana, waits to speak during a news conference after a closed-door House *********** caucus meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on February 29, 2024.

DREW ANGERER/AFP via Getty Images

Lawmakers agreed to a framework to fund the government last month after months of pushing off funding deadlines with continuing resolutions to keep the government running, setting two deadlines to do so. After passing the first tranche of spending bills with relative ease, this week’s deadline aimed to give lawmakers more time to reach agreement on the larger package, which includes subject matter that’s historically been more controversial.

Reaching an agreement on funding for DHS appeared especially cumbersome for lawmakers this time around, taking on new significance amid an ongoing dispute about how to address border security in Congress. 

But even with the agreement, getting the legislation passed through Congress in time for the deadline may be difficult. House lawmakers are expected to get 72 hours to review the package before a House vote later in the week, or Speaker Mike Johnson would face intense ire from some members of his conference for breaking the commitment. That would almost guarantee that the deadline would pass before the Senate could approve the measure, with parts of the government set to shutdown on Saturday morning. Accordingly, an additional short-term measure to keep the government funded is possible this week. 

Nikole Killion contributed reporting

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