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All eradication mission sample locations in Helldivers 2

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All eradication mission sample locations in Helldivers 2

Eradication missions pit you against hordes of furious enemies, which can make collecting samples a bit of a struggle. With these maps, you can easily find all the sample locations around the eradication Helldivers 2 maps. Keep them to hand while you ******, and you can dip in and out to grab them.

The samples always spawn in the same place, meaning you can have pockets full of common samples in no time!

There are two separate

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maps for the Automaton eradication mission type.

There are 10 sample locations to find on this Helldivers 2 map. This is my recommended route to complete the mission while collecting them all.

Image: Steam

This eradication map has 13 Helldivers common sample locations for you to visit. They are grouped together on both sides of the map. With this setup, I find the best thing to do is dip out to collect them before returning back to the centre and clearing out some of the Automatons that you’ll be kiting. If you’re playing with a squad, have them distract while one of you runs out to the far point where the samples are grouped.

Image: Steam

Take a break from dispatching Liberty to grab a handful of these samples.

This map has 8 sample locations right next to the eradication drop pad. They can be collected really easily. There are a total of 15 samples on this Helldivers 2 map, making it one of the best locations to hit up.

Image: Steam

This eradication location only has 7 samples, and they’re pretty spread out. However, if you’re on that sample grind, this will help speed up the process.

Image: Steam

With these eradication missions, I find the best way to collect the samples is after you have actually completed the mission. Wait until you have defeated the hordes of enemies, and then use the time afterwards to grab all the samples. There is no point in wading through the great unliberated if you don’t need to. Simply use these maps to clean up before extraction.

If you happen to drop a big pocketful of samples on ******, communicate with your squad. Try to make sure they don’t throw you too far away from your body. When I am playing, I’ll make sure to ask the person closest to my body to try to throw me as close as possible for the drop. This means I can grab both my gear and my dropped Helldivers 2 samples.

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