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Ubisoft’s Rumored Time Limit Mechanics Can Change Open-World Gaming Forever But There’s A Cautionary Sign That Can’t Be Ignored

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Ubisoft’s Rumored Time Limit Mechanics Can Change Open-World Gaming Forever But There’s A Cautionary Sign That Can’t Be Ignored

Insider Gaming published

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last year that hinted at a ******** shift for the upcoming Far Cry 7. The ***** claimed that the sequel’s story will once again surround a cult, much in the vein of Far Cry 5. We also learned about another in-development Far Cry title that’s much more experimental.

However, the big change here is that the game will involve an in-game timer mechanic, imposing a strict real-world time limit on players to complete missions that involve saving your in-game family. The order in which you accomplish these tasks and potential ******** will reportedly influence the ending of the game.

While Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed this information, if true, it represents a significant departure from the series’ repetitive formula. However, this new direction could be a double-edged sword, potentially alienating both new and returning players.

Time Limit Mechanic Could Break Far Cry‘s Tedium

Far Cry 5‘s distinctive cult villains were a breath of fresh air, but ultimately fell flat. Image credit: Ubisoft

The need for Far Cry to evolve or reinvent itself has been simmering since the series began to feel stale around its fourth installment in 2014. The aforementioned Far Cry 5 attempted to inject some life in 2018 with its unique cult villain structure, each controlling a part of the open world. This approach offered a breath of fresh air, but its impact was fleeting.

However, a well-designed and impactful timer mechanic could be the jolt Far Cry needs to stand out from a crowded field of live service FPS titles. While compelling villains remain a hallmark of Far Cry, the core gameplay loop is just as important. Introducing a timer mechanic would force players to re-evaluate their approaches and break free from rinse-and-repeat gameplay.

Far Cry 3 is widely considered the series’ pinnacle, especially in the villain department. Subsequent releases have seen Ubisoft attempt to recapture its greatness, but to no avail. Far Cry 4 came closest in this regard, with Pagan Min’s charming roguishness, but didn’t quite reach the heights of its predecessor.

More than the time limit mechanic, Far Cry 7 needs a compelling villain like Vaas. Image credit: Ubisoft

Far Cry 5‘s design choices proved divisive. Players could be abruptly pulled from their activities upon triggering a crucial plot point, disrupting immersion and gameplay flow. Far Cry 6 returned to a more familiar format, with players unlocking progressively challenging areas of the open world while acquiring upgrades and abilities to maintain pace.

If Far Cry 7 wants to succeed, it needs to avoid these shortcomings of its predecessors, particularly Ubisoft’s lamented open-world design. It’s not only crucial that the rumored time limit is meticulously balanced, but also that it shouldn’t hinder other aspects of the game, and contribute to a cohesive, well-rounded experience. Most importantly, though, we need a villain along the lines of Vaas.

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