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10 games like Royal Match

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10 games like Royal Match

Match-3 games have taken mobile gaming by storm, and one of the best is Royal Match. If you have exhausted everything Royal Match offers or are just interested in trying something new but similar, this is the guide for you.

This article explores 10 games similar to Royal Match in terms of gameplay, visual style, and addictive nature. 

Image: Rollic Games

Mayor Match is so similar to Royal Match that I wouldn’t blame you if you thought the game was a sequel. It follows the same premise: Match three ******** items in a row to earn points and level up your area. This time, your area is the Mayor’s house instead of a castle.

The artwork is nearly identical, with the same style and vibe. Royal Match and Mayor Match resemble each other so much that even the main character looks the same.

Image: Peak

Out of all the games mentioned in this list, Toon Blast is my favorite. I used to spend hours playing this mobile game because it was so addicting and rewarding. Like Royal Match, you’ll focus on matching colors for the highest combos while working around obstacles and using explosive abilities.

Toon Blast has a more diverse set of quest types, such as Rescue missions, which require the player to switch up their strategy. There’s no feature where you fix up an area as you do with the Royal Match locations, but it has the same addicting matching gameplay loop.

Image: Peak

If you’re tired of looking at the same ******** blocks all day in Royal Match, Match Factory might be an excellent pick for you. Instead of ******** blocks, Match Factory has the player aligning and matching everyday items such as footballs, food, toys, etc.

While the gameplay is similar, the way the player matches three is a little different. For example, the items are jumbled and sort of in a pile, and the player needs to dig through the mess and grab three of the same items. It’s a nice change of pace from Royal Match while still bringing the addictive nature of match-3 games.

Image: Playrix

Homescapes is another matching game with the same feature of “fixing up” a location after completing levels. You’ll focus on fixing up homes, such as replacing rundown carpets, cleaning rooms, improving plumbing, etc. Like Royal Match, you can only do these tasks if you earn enough stars from your performance in levels.

If your favorite feature of Royal Match was fixing up the castle’s areas, Homescapes is the best choice on this list. It also includes the same difficulty progression in levels, with each level being more complex than the last.

Image: PopCap Games

Anyone who is a fan of 3-match games knows about Bejeweled. It’s the game that really made these types of games popular, so there’s a good reason why it’s on this list.

The levels in Bejeweled become increasingly complex, soon becoming one of the most challenging games in the “match genre.” Bejeweled is an excellent choice for players who want a more significant challenge than Royal Match and really want to test their matching skills.

Image: King

**** Rescue Puzzle Saga follows the same matching formula but with a twist. Instead of trying to remove as many of the same ******** blocks from the grid as possible, **** Rescue Puzzle Saga requires you to collect a certain amount of a block ****** by matching them. For example, one level may require you to collect 20 red boxes and 20 blue boxes from the level.

While the objective differs from Royal Match, requiring a different strategy, the gameplay is the same. You’ll spend your time working around obstacles, utilizing blocks that have abilities attached to them, and aiming for a high score.

Image: EightyEightGames

10000000 mixes 3-match gameplay with elements you would see from an RPG. At the top of the screen, you’ll have a character walking down a corridor and encountering zombies and enemies on your path. You must be quick, match items, and eliminate that ******.

Your job is to match three boxes together in the grid (like in Royal Match). The boxes grant you access to certain items, such as a sword, magic wand, etc. Matching these three together will ***** the ******, allowing your character to progress. It’s a unique feature that can spice up the gameplay loop if you want to move on from Royal Match.

Image: Infinity Plus Two

Speaking of matching games with RPG elements, Gems of War has many of them. Like Royal Match, you’ll spend most of your time matching ******** blocks and using abilities in a grid-like structure. However, in Gems of War, you damage an ****** army when you match blocks.

Gems of War features a stat and army mechanic. You can use your earnings to buy new armor and recruits. You can even join a guild! If you’re looking for a game that doesn’t grow stale and offers constant progression but still has the 3-match gameplay of Royal Match, look no further than Gems of War.

Image: GungHo

Looking for a Dungeons & Dragons take on the 3-match genre? Then you’ll want to play Puzzles and Dragons. Royal Match and Puzzles & Dragons are very similar in the core gameplay components, but the latter offers a more unique take on the abilities found on the matching grid.

In Puzzles & Dragons, you match ******** blocks, with your main focus being to match ones with abilities attached to them. These abilities are then used to defeat an ****** on the screen instead of destroying other ******** blocks. It has the same addicting feel that Royal Match offers, with a fresh take on the genre.

Image: King

It wouldn’t be a “games like Royal Match” list without mentioning the ultimate king—Candy Crush. I’m confident that every gamer has heard of Candy Crush. Candy Crush and Royal Match are very similar in terms of gameplay loop, artwork style, and reward system.

Scoring high involves creating massive combos between ******** blocks (candy) as you progress through the ridiculous number of levels included. Players unlock boosters in Candy Crush for an advantage at a level similar to the abilities you’ll encounter in Royal Match.

That’s a wrap on the best games like Royal Match. For more guides like this, stick with PC Invasion. Since Royal Match is a mobile game, our “10 best mobile games that can be enjoyed without spending a penny” guide is perfect for you.

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