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The Morning After: The PS5 Pro may arrive this year

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The Morning After: The PS5 Pro may arrive this year

Yeah, it’s not just Nintendo prepping new console hardware for 2024. Insider Gaming reports details for the PS5 Pro come from documentation Sony recently sent to third-party developers.

Hold onto your skepticism. Based on the reports, the PS5 Pro will offer a more consistent frame rate (fps) at 4K and a performance mode for 8K resolution. It’s also expected to render games up to 45 percent quicker and have ray tracing capabilities two to three times faster than current PS5 consoles.

The report says Sony may target a holiday release for the PS5 Pro, to target those heightened sales. Can it make Baldur’s Gate 3 look pretty like it does on PC? Please?

— Mat Smith

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Disney+ screws *** Doctor Who fans with global release strategy

How to organize your desk at home

The FTC is probing

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’s AI licensing deals

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The FCC just quadrupled the minimum download speeds of ‘broadband’

ISPs must now offer 100 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up to slap the coveted label on their services.

At the end of last week, the FCC raised the speeds required to describe internet service as “broadband” for the first time since 2015. The agency’s annual high-speed internet assessment concluded that 100 Mbps downloads and 20 Mbps uploads will be the new standard. The FCC’s report also broke down several areas where the country’s online infrastructure falls short, with broadband not being deployed quickly enough, especially to those in rural areas and those living on Tribal lands.

The FCC can’t force ISPs to boost their speeds, but it can prevent them from marketing their services as “broadband” internet if they don’t meet these new thresholds.

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LinkedIn is making in-app games for some reason

Is this a test?

LinkedIn may soon offer puzzle-based games to give its users something to do besides networking. App researcher

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posted a series of screenshots on X this weekend showing some games. Employees’ scores will reportedly affect how the companies they work for rank in the games, which suddenly sounds stressful.

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Starbucks stops wasting money on its coffee NFTs

Its Web3 rewards program ends on March 31.


Starbucks is pulling the plug on Odyssey, its Web3 rewards program that gives members access to collectible NFTs. The company updated its FAQ on Friday to let members know the beta program is closing on March 31 and they have a little over a week to complete any remaining activities (called journeys). Those will shut down March 25.

Don’t worry, Nifty Gateway will continue to host the priceless Stamps (Starbucks’ NFTs). And they will remain priceless. I mean… worthless.

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