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Best PCI settings for MLB The Show 24

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Best PCI settings for MLB The Show 24

It is not the settings, it is the player. Well, perhaps that’s not the case today! Here are the best PCI settings for MLB The Show 24.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

First of all, PCI is not PC Invasion, let’s get out of the way first. PCI or Plate Coverage Indicator is a system in the form of an indicator that, first of all, indicates the hitter’s ability to hit a ball – demonstrated above in orange. Vision is the ability that defines the PCI size, making players with more Vision have a smaller PCI and fewer chances to miss a swing. Just move your Left Stick to where you think the ball will go and bat away!

Screenshot: PC Invasion

PCI Anchor, on the other hand, is a complementary mechanic that is used to anchor your PCI to one of the nine predetermined positions in the strike zone. Press your Left Stick and move your PCI to one of the dots in the screen to anchor it to said position. This will allow you to choose a spot in the strike zone that, if it coincides with the spot the pitcher chooses, will increase your swing precision. Guess correctly and enjoy your home run. Both PCI and PCI Anchor can be altered in a way that can help you strategize and adapt rapidly to any incoming ball. Check out the best PCI setting for MLB The Show 24 below.

Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • PCI Anchor: Preset
    • PCI Anchor Reset: Batter
    • PCI Anchor Dots: On
  • Plate Coverage Indicator: On
    • PCI Center: Diamonds
    • PCI Inner: Basic
    • PCI Outer: None
    • PCI ******: Orange
    • PCI Opacity: 90%
    • PCI Fadeout: None

Of course, these are settings that you are completely free to customize. The most important settings out of the ones above are PCI Anchor and PCI Anchor Reset. The first when set to Preset of these two will allow you to fix your PCI Anchor point to either the nine preselected dots in the strike zone. You can also pick Free to have the ability to anchor your PCI to any part of the strike zone.

Finally, PCI Anchor Reset will define how often your PCI Anchor point will be reset to the middle. You can leave it at Game so that it won’t change as often, but I recommend either picking Inning or Batter since it will help you adapt yourself to each pitch coming your way.

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