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Whilst Elon Musk Thinks AI is the Way Forward, it Fell on its Creative Face When Put to Create a Video Game

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Whilst Elon Musk Thinks AI is the Way Forward, it Fell on its Creative Face When Put to Create a Video Game

Artificial Intelligence is often the hot topic of the day, and Elon Musk is one of the most engaging personalities in the world of AI. The billionaire investor and richest man in the world ultimately has a positive

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on how AI will drastically alter the course of human life. And he’s not wrong. From the economy, to work, to even aspects of our relationships–AI seems posed to take over in the next few years. That’s if AI developers ever work out the kinks.

Enter Keyword Studios, an Irish-based video game services studio that aims to

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. However budding game devs and seasoned professionals alike may breathe a sigh of relief, as it appears AI’s ascension to steal all of our jobs is still a ways off.

Artificial Intelligence sure is *******


As a leading video game services provider, Keywords Studios embarked on a groundbreaking experiment with generative AI to create a 2D game called Project Ava. The project aimed to explore the potential of AI in game development and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry. For six months, the team tested more than 400 AI tools to create the game from scratch.

But if you were expecting Ultron to emerge from the digital ooze and declare its reign of ******* over mankind, the result was less dramatic. However, according to Keywords, it was very informative about where video games and AI may be heading, stating:

“One of the key learnings was that whilst Gen AI may simplify or accelerate certain processes, the best results and quality needed can only be achieved by experts in their field utilizing Gen AI as a new, powerful tool in their creative process,”

While Generative AI played a helpful role in certain aspects of developing Project Ava, it was unable to produce a high-quality game independently. Keyword Studios had to procure the services of seven different studios to attain even a basic level of quality. This experience led Keywords to conclude that while generative AI can be a valuable tool to assist developers, it cannot replace the creativity and expertise of humans.

Terminators or Terminated?


Does this mean Elon Musk’s perspective on GenAI is overblown? Not at all. The Project Ava catastrophe is the perfect case study for how Musk views the potential of artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk believes AI has boundless potential and will continue to rapidly progress. He considers it the “most disruptive force in history”. But while Musk believes AI is a revolutionary technology, he also acknowledges various existential risks posed by AI.

Elon Musk warns that AI could eventually surpass human intelligence, becoming ****-like and posing a threat, reaching a point of what’s referred to in the literature as “Superintelligence”. This concern is rooted in the idea that AI wouldn’t value human concepts like ethics or morality.

Musk’s viewpoint on AI is highlighted by Project Ava. While AI is a useful tool, it seems to lack the creative and human element for experiences like video game development. This emphasizes the idea that AI is currently best utilized as an aid to human creativity.

Elon Musk believes in the potential of AI but emphasizes caution. Project Ava exemplifies how AI can be a beneficial tool for innovation, but it still requires human guidance to reach its full potential.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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