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Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Confirms What We’ve Always Known in Our Hearts

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Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Confirms What We’ve Always Known in Our Hearts

New information has been released regarding Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero thanks to some V Jump scans that were released not too long ago. This new information reveals some of the characters and abilities that will be coming to the game once it finally releases.

Thanks to this new information, one major debate that has been taking place for many years within the fanbase could finally be over, as two of the franchise’s most popular characters, Vegeta and Goku, finally have some kind of answer as to who is better, at least in terms of how many characters each has.

It has taken years, but players may finally have an answer to who is better, Vegeta or Goku.

When it comes to every franchise, there is always a debate as to who is the main character, who is the most powerful, or even who is the most popular. But thanks to Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero and its publisher, Bandai Namco, we may now have some kind of idea as to who the better character between Goku and Vegeta is.

Thanks to a recent

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, which is a magazine in Japan that reveals information related to all kinds of manga, games, and anime. Players now know that Vegeta will apparently have 13 versions of himself within the game, whereas Goku will only have 11.

Currently, there is no determination as to which version of each character will be stronger than the other, but since we now know how many of each character there will be, we can only assume that Vegeta is the more liked character and will feature in the game more often.

V Jump scans reveal how many versions of Vegeta and Goku will be in Dragon Ball: SZ

Whether you are a fan of these characters or not, it will always be one of the main debates within the fanbase as to which character is the better of the two. So far, we do not know whether or not the 13 Vegeta’s and 11 Goku’s will be the only ones or whether there will be more on the way once the game releases.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero doesn’t have an official release date yet, and more information is likely to be revealed over the next few months. Until we finally have more release trailers and teases from Bandai Namco, we do not know if these are the final numbers for each character or if they could be getting more after the game is released.

There are thousands of reasons as to why each of these characters has been compared to each other over the years, but now with the release of Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, we can finally have at least one ending to the discussion about who is the most popular character in terms of their appearances in the franchise.

What do you think about Vegeta having more characters in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero than Goku? Do you think more characters will be added to Goku after the game releases? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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