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Elden Ring Streamer Attempts Ridiculous Randomizer Challenge and Loses in the Most Stupid of Ways 11 Hours In

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Elden Ring Streamer Attempts Ridiculous Randomizer Challenge and Loses in the Most ******* of Ways 11 Hours In

The Elden Ring community is always eager to push the boundaries of the game even further with new kinds of content, like builds or even challenges with made-up rules. Elden Ring players like to create their own rules to enjoy the game differently. 

There was a famous challenge of completing all the games done by From Software without getting hit once. But this new challenge makes things very interesting. This player is looking to play all Elden Ring with permatdeath and randomize bosses. But tragedy hit and lost in the goofiest way possible.

Elden Ring streamer loses a permadeath challenge

From Software has hit the jackpot with Elden Ring; with more than 20 million units sold, the game has made history for the ********* studio. The Dark Souls fandom is getting ******* every day, and this community always has a new perspective on enjoying Elden Ring. The mods, the challenges, and the builds are always looking for new ways to add some difficulty to this popular title. One player tries a new permadeath challenge, and after 11 hours, this unfortunate gamer ***** at the hands of an unwelcome invader.

X user ElaElden Ring DLC posted how he intended a permadeath challenge in Elden Ring with randomizer bosses, but things did not go as he expected. This player put 11 hours into the challenge, and as all human beings, he had to go to the bathroom.

— Ela

This is the hidden content, please
This is the hidden content, please

To avoid getting *******, he teleported to The Roundtable, but an invader took advantage of this, and while he was in the *******, he murdered the character, ending the challenge. This streamer got back from the bathroom and remembered about the possible invaders; it was too late. 

Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree will be available June 21

Elajjaz is a

This is the hidden content, please
streamer with more than 400,000 followers on that platform; this could easily be the work of a viewer who wants to run the fun for everyone. The community was very sad about this, and some fans even replied that they just ***** a little after seeing it. The streamer was very positive about this and just kept trying and playing the game. 

Elden Ring players will always look for new ways to make their favorite game even more fun. With the new Shadow of the Erdtree DLC that will launch in June, players could try infinite new things that will be very interesting to see. This is probably one of the most anticipated expansions ever; according to From Software, this is the biggest DLC that the company has ever made. 

What are your thoughts about this sad ending to the challenge that this streamer was trying to overcome?

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