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Rise of the Ronin’s Departure from a Soulslike Staple Feature May Annoy Die-Hard Fans, But It’s For The Right Reasons

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Rise of the Ronin’s Departure from a Soulslike Staple Feature May Annoy ****-Hard Fans, But It’s For The Right Reasons

Rise of the Ronin is heavily influenced by previous Team Ninja titles and the infamously hard but satisfying soulslike genre that FromSoftware has been pioneering throughout the years. Some people welcome difficult games and face them with confidence and ease while some prefer a chill gaming experience. Fortunately, Team Ninja has players covered.

Not everyone has the same level of skill or even time to invest in a very long and complex game that can take a couple of hours to learn. Team Ninja acknowledges that there are players who complain about the insane difficulty that other soulslike game has, but still have the interest to try and Rise of the Ronin could be their entry point in that specific genre.

Team Ninja Welcomes Players With Multiple Difficulty Options For Rise Of The Ronin

Players will be greeted with three difficulty settings for Rise of the Ronin.

Game director

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, especially as players will create their original ronin and see their world through their eyes.

there was no need to make it so that players couldn’t complete the title unless they fully understood the game system

Difficult games can be a hard sell for casual gamers, and it is an unfortunate hand that they are dealt with. There is a slim chance that players are interested in the narrative and lore of a soulslike game but lacks the skill to commit and ****** hard enemies.

This creative choice can widen their target market and will encourage casual gamers to try it for themselves without the ***** of being constantly *******. Team Ninja made history with this move and the CEO of FromSoftware games Hidetaka Miyazaki wishes he could do the same for their games in the future.

Rise Of The Ronin Could Inspire Future Soulslike Games To Be More Accessible And User Friendly

Previous FromSoftware games like Elden Ring inspired Rise of the Ronin, perhaps the developers could inspire other teams as well.

Some players are exceptionally skilled in a specific combat system that others may not comprehend or even master, these games force players to be cautious and attentive to avoid being ******* in the field but some are just in for the story and character development. Allowing players to play a game on the difficulty they are comfortable with will benefit them.

Rather than using the difficulty as a way to gatekeep games from others, decreasing it on their level will make players appreciate it more. Team Ninja is looking out for their community, and Rise of the Ronin is a game that can paint the soulslike genre in a much more friendlier manner and be shared by all players regardless of combat skill. Maybe other developers can take a page out of their book, the same way Team Ninja did with others.

Other great games inspire great games, it is synonymous with life imitating art and vice versa. Rise of the Ronin is the perfect blend with Elden Ring difficulty mixed with Ghost of Tsushima world-building and exploration as well as difficulty settings, the perfect soulslike game for casual gamers.

Are you excited for a balanced soulslike game in the form of Rise of the Ronin? Let us know in the comments section below!

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