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Elden Ring has a Secret it Doesn’t Want You to Know, and You Really Shouldn’t Know

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Elden Ring has a Secret it Doesn’t Want You to Know, and You Really Shouldn’t Know

Elden Ring is a title that took the industry by storm when it launched in 2022. Winning prestigious titles like TGA’s GotY, it has also remained relevant in 2024, partially because the players much awaited its first significant expansion.

The world of the title is also filled with mysteries and tonnes of minor details that need a keen enough eye to notice. While discovering some secrets can be rewarding from the players’ perspectives, some should be ignored, not because one shouldn’t be adventurous, but because uncovering some secrets might be underwhelming.

Elden Ring made waves when it launched and innovated in the genre created and mastered by FromSoft.

As mentioned, the world of Elden Ring is filled to the brim with details and secrets that the Tarnished are supposed to find. This is because FromSoftware, the game’s developer studio known for putting in easter eggs, went one step ahead with their 2022 Soulsborne title.

George R.R. Martin, the author of A Song of Ice and *****, the book series adapted into HBO’s Game of Thrones, collaborated with the studio to create a world like no other. This fact might encourage players to pick up their controller again and find secrets they haven’t yet in the title. However, one example of hidden details in the title might make them feel otherwise.

As shown in the video embedded above, the player stands very close to a ledge and performs various slashes with their blade to propel themself in a particular direction. The effort being made by the players to ensure that they land on the right platform is evident.

While viewers might expect something spectacular, the result of so much strategic slashing and dicing is only the sight of what appears to be a hidden boss in the game. The player discovers it, and, as expected, the boss’s character model stands in a fierce position, almost frozen. The developers probably have or had plans to trigger a boss ******, but the plan was most likely shelved.

While some secrets are meant to be found, some are better left untouched in Elden Ring‘s world.

As stated earlier, so many of the secrets in the title lead to something substantial or remotely germane to the story’s narrative, but this cannot be said about the video embedded above. If anything, it quietly slays the shock and awe element the boss would have created otherwise.

Even if a boss battle is triggered in the same area, hundreds of thousands of people who watched this video will not even be surprised. That takes away something and acts like a soft spoiler for people who want to be deeply immersed in the game’s world.

To make things worse, if the character model were planned to be utilized in the game’s upcoming DLC, it would be even more of a buzzkill for players because if the developers still go through with it, it won’t feel the same.

There is a slender line between overdoing your trailblazing and pathfinding endeavors and just sticking to seeing what the game shows the player.

Were you aware of this secret boss? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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