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After Helldivers 2, Sony’s Gatekeeping Of Bloodborne Hurts Xbox Players Yet Again After Latest Update

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After Helldivers 2, Sony’s Gatekeeping Of Bloodborne Hurts Xbox Players Yet Again After Latest Update

The Bloodborne struggle is something every FromSoftware fan is aware of. Released in 2015, FromSoftware’s gothic masterpiece was an instant hit. However, the action-RPG’s framerate issues made it frustrating to play, leading to fan outcry for a PS5 remaster or remake, but to no avail.

Sony’s silence on the matter has led to fans taking things into their own hands, and the hauntingly beautiful streets of Yharnam will bustle with activity again, thanks to a 2-week-long community event.

Return To Yharnam Breathes New Life Into Bloodborne

Renowned community member Meph has organized the event. Image credit: FromSoftware

The resurgence of players is fueled by the annual Return to Yharnam event, a community-driven initiative designed to rekindle the Hunt and revitalize the game’s online features. The initiative is spearheaded by

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creator Meph.

In its nascent years, Bloodborne‘s multiplayer teemed with co-op play and tense PvP battles. However, the amount of active players has naturally declined over the years, leading to a dwindling pool of fellow hunters to share the experience with.

Return to Yharnam encourages players, both seasoned veterans and curious newcomers, to embark on fresh journeys through the game’s charmingly ****** world. Imagine the thrill of vanquishing the Cleric ****** with the aid of another hunter, or the adrenaline pumping as an invader forces you to a duel to the ******.

What Players Are Encouraged To Do

Participating fans are encouraged to leave a clever message at lanterns. Image credit: FromSoftware

For Return to Yharnam, players are urged to create new characters and actively engage in co-op throughout their playthrough. Leaving messages near lanterns that read “you’re in the know, right?” serves as an effective method of reconnecting with fellow hunters.

This enigmatic phrase, a cornerstone of Bloodborne‘s cryptic lore, becomes a rallying cry, reminding players of 2015’s shared experiences and encouraging them to partake once more. If only we could do so at a smoother framerate. The event will run from 24 March 2024 to 7 April 2024.

Return to Yharnam is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to jump in. Image credit: FromSoftware

For those yet to play Bloodborne, this community event is the perfect opportunity. The game’s gothic world, oppressively beautiful atmosphere, challenging combat, and layered lore, are best experienced alongside others. Whether it’s forging bonds through co-op play or testing your skills in PvP, the presence of a revitalized online community significantly enhances the experience.

The dreams of a potential remaster, remake, or sequel for Bloodborne continue to be out of reach, especially with FromSoftware’s focus currently on Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. However, Return to Yharnam offers a way to revisit the beloved 2015 title in a new light. It’s a testament to the game’s enduring appeal that, even after nine years, a passionate community can gather and breathe new life into its online world.

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