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Soulslike Ghost of Tsushima with a Difficult Production Could Explain the Game’s Preview Complaints

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Soulslike Ghost of Tsushima with a Difficult Production Could Explain the Game’s Preview Complaints

Rise of the Ronin is the first open-world project for Team Ninja, as they greatly deviate from their signature linear and narrative-focused structure of story-telling after being inspired by previous soulslike titles that went the same route. Another game that possesses great similarities is Ghost of Tsushima, though it is far more user-friendly than the likes of Elden Ring or Bloodborne.

Change is inevitable, every major company is like surfers riding the waves of opportunity and growth. Developers need to adapt to stay relevant, changing things up is a sign of productivity and players don’t always want the same thing. Rise of the Ronin is a challenge that Team Ninja gave themselves as a studio and the first step in a brand new direction.

Rise Of The Ronin May Be Technically Inferior But Is Superior In Quality And Content

Rise of the Ronin is a major change of pace for Team Ninja and struggled to give players a historical and immersive adaptation.

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, Yosuke Hayashi served as a game producer from Koei Tecmo and spoke about how the idea was conceived and the technical problems they encountered during production.

we thought that making an open world game would be a good idea. To achieve this challenge, we created Rise of the Ronin from the game engine upwards. Looking back on the production circumstances, I realize that the challenges of making Rise of the Ronin were inevitable. 

It is not easy to jump from a certain process of game development in favor of another. Previous Team Ninja games like Nioh and Nioh 2 are known for their insane difficulty and the developers want a different game structure that can better immerse players for the Bakumatsu *******.

The team’s bravery and commitment to crafting an open-world sandbox still deserves to be applauded will feature new content and story beats that Ghost of Tsushima did not and take players to a ******* where personal agency is important.

Ghost Of Tsushima And Rise Of The Ronin Share One Feature Other Than The ********* Setting

The combat system and open world of Ghost of Tsushima helped influence the Rise of the Ronin.

Being inspired by the soulslike genre that FromSoftware has greatly pioneered, there is one thing that both PlayStation samurai titles have that Elden Ring does not: the ability to parry. This combat feature could save a player from certain ******, Jin Sakai can parry and deflect arrows from a distance and the ronin can parry bullets from firearms while players perish in Elden Ring.

Team Ninja also acknowledges that there is a specific crowd that still couldn’t comprehend the need for incredibly difficult video games and even catered to their needs by adding multiple difficulty options for them to enjoy and play at their difficulty of choice, which is another thing FromSoftware CEO and director Hidetaka Miyazaki wishes to add in future projects of theirs.

Rise of the Ronin was developed with the same engine that was used in older Team Ninja games, which is why it may look graphically inferior or outdated but there are more important things than just visuals. Are you excited about Team Ninja’s first open-world game? Let us know in the comments below!

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