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Rise of the Ronin’s Producer Attempts to Explain Why Rise of the Ronin Isn’t Just a Ghost of Tsushima Rip-off

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Rise of the Ronin’s Producer Attempts to Explain Why Rise of the Ronin Isn’t Just a Ghost of Tsushima Rip-off

Rise of the Ronin and Ghost of Tsushima are both PlayStation first-party titles that are set in Japan at different points in time which gives developers a little more freedom and wiggle room to craft their original stories based around the ********* culture. At first glance, it is easy to mistake that these games could be set within the same franchise but historical pieces of evidence being utilized would suggest otherwise.

Team Ninja’s newest game will be their first open-world project which makes it a departure from their linear and narrative-focused structure. Open-world games can be tricky, the world map must be full of diverse content as well as give players the necessary traversal tools to make their playthrough more convenient, while Ghost of Tsushima lets Jin travel on horseback and has an insane fast travel option, Rise of the Ronin will let players take flight.

Rise Of The Ronin Grants Players The Gift Of Flight As An Alternate Traversal Method

Rise of the Ronin gives players an extra traversal option that Ghost of Tsushima does not.

The Bakumatsu ******* was a time when modern technology didn’t exist yet and had yet to influence the ways of traveling but game director Fumihiko Yasuda claims that

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in a recent interview.

As for the glider, you will probably think it sounds like fantasy. but actually, an inventor from the Bakumatsu ******* left behind blueprints for such a device, which inspired us to add it to the game.

It may sound fictional but the ********* were always revered for being crafty and innovative. It is not a far-fetched idea and given the technological limitations of the time and the state of their nation, the inventor’s dream was achieved by others.

The difficult challenge of having to develop a game that has a similar setting and vibe to another is to find innovative and creative ways to stand out.

Ghost Of Tsushima’s Way Of Getting Around Is Much More Simpler

Jin Sakai’s trusty steed is his best friend throughout the Mongol invasion in Ghost of Tsushima.

******* Punch Productions did an excellent job in developing and visualizing the island of Tsushima, though it is based on a historical event, not everything is completely and historically accurate. The developers were inspired by the setting and decided to add a creative spin. Another aspect that Rise of the Ronin has in spades that Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t is a wide variety of firearms and other weapons. 

Team Ninja is known for their incredibly difficult soulslike games but has taken the courage to adapt to the times and create their original open-world title granting players more freedom than usual with a complex combat, traversal, and ******* system than Ghost of Tsushima ever had.

Ghost of Tsushima and Rise of the Ronin are not clones of each other, nor are they rip-offs, if it is anything, both of these titles are ripping off history and make them far more relevant and appealing than the history books. PlayStation isn’t pitting their first-party titles against each other, but weirdly, both are complimenting one another with their creative differences. Are you excited for Rise of the Ronin? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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