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How to fix error code Bravo-04 in XDefiant

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How to fix error code Bravo-04 in XDefiant

Since we’re still in the early days of XDefiant, you can expect tons of issues to pop up as you play. Some issues might be solved by tweaking stuff like the Playlist not found error, but others may have you waiting for Ubisoft to fix the problem. The Bravo-04 error code in XDefiant is a little bit of both, however, this guide could show how to fix it.

This error has to do with the multiplayer section of XDefiant, which is the entire game. It stops players from matchmaking. If you’ve been hit with the can’t find lobby error, the solutions might be the same since that error impacts the matchmaking too. 

However, note that because this error is more on Ubisoft’s side than yours, the options you have available will sadly be limited. On the other hand, this problem can be fixed by doing a little leg work and having some patience. 

Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • Restart the game: No matter what issue you have with XDefiant, restarting the game usually can fix these issues. The amount of problems that I’ve been fixed by just game resetting the game has saved me tons of headaches. So before you do anything, try this solution first.
  • Reset your router: Since this error is affecting the multiplayer, resetting your internet isn’t a bad idea. By doing so, you’ll be emptying the cache which could be the root cause of stopping you from playing. I have multiple connections in my home, sometimes the other internet source works better than my primary. If you have more than one connection, you should try another one. That way, you can isolate the problem to that specific connection.
  • Check the state of XDefiant: You can do this by checking the game’s social media pages
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    . As stated before, there’s a large chance that the problem has nothing to do with you. So you’re likely going to have to wait till Ubisoft figures out the problem. 
Image: Ubisoft

If you manage to fix the Bravo-04, try leveling up weapons as fast as you possibly can. 

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