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[STEAM][PRESS]Everything Announced at tinyBuild Connect 2024


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The indie publisher tinyBuild recently premiered its tinyBuild Connect showcase, a 20-minute stream packed with announcements, trailers, and demos. If you weren’t able to watch it live or want a reminder of everything that was shown, IGN has you covered. Here are all the games that were featured during the show:

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Level Zero: Extraction
The upcoming multiplayer extraction horror where players can take on the role of human mercenaries or alien monsters dropped a short teaser hinting at a ******* announcement at the PC Gaming Show this June. IGN got a chance to play it, and you can read all about our
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The Connect gave us our first look at this PvPvE extraction shooter, announced last year with an atmospheric cinematic trailer. In Sand, players descend upon a desert planet recently devastated by a massive ecological disaster. Here, they will traverse the world riding giant mechanical walkers called Tramplers, take the ****** to other scavengers both on foot and aboard their Tramplers, and explore cities in search of loot before extracting off planet. If you’re excited to jump into this world, tinyBuild announced the game’s first beta, which will launch this summer.

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Don the feathers of a hat-wearing duck and fly into a persistent survival game with PVP, PVE, crafting, and base building. ****** your fellow ducks out of the sky, ***** up their carefully crafted bases, and keep them from doing the same to you. During the Connect, we learned that the recent beta had more than 150,000 players, but if you weren’t able to take part, good news. TinyBuild also announced a second open playtest on June 6, so you’ll have another chance to ***** into the world of Duckside.

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Announced in February, Kingmakers is a mix of third-person shooter and RTS set in medieval Europe. And yes, the “third-person shooter” part is correct, because you play as a soldier who traveled back in time with a mission to alter history and save the future using modern weapons. The reveal clearly got the attention of gamers — the trailer has 11 million views across IGN’s social channels, making it
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so far this year. The new video dropped by the devs showcases even more havoc to be wreaked once the game releases into Steam Early Access later this year.

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Drill Core
The tinyBuild Connect gave us a new game reveal with Drill Core, a strategic colony sim. Drill to the heart of planets while allocating workers, researching cutting-edge tech, and fortify against nightly alien attacks. Will you choose the path of efficiency, risking the safety of your workers, or prioritize defense for survival? You can give the game a try with a brand-new playtest that is available now on Steam.

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The King Is Watching
TinyBuild also revealed The King Is Watching, a kingdom-building rogue-lite with a micromanagement twist — the king’s servants only attend to their duties when he’s actually watching them. A Steam demo is available to play right now.

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Rawmen is a light-hearted, soup-slinging food fighter multiplayer arena shooter (that’s a mouthful — pun intended). You can whack the opposing team with mackerel, ******** them with dumplings, let loose with a sausage-********* minigun, or tap into your souper chef ultimate ability. It’s coming to the Epic Games Store on July 23 and will be free to play.

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Voin is a fast-paced first-person hack-and-slash RPG inviting you to tear through hordes of enemies with fury and style. As we learned during the show, Voin has an updated demo available to play on Steam.

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Astor: Blade of the Monolith
In this fast-paced action RPG, you play as Astor, a young warrior determined to discover the secrets behind his creators’ unforeseen demise. You’ll have an arsenal of runic weapons to use as you hunt down evil through vibrant, colorful environments to save the magical planet. The release date for Astor: Blade of the Monolith is approaching fast — it releases May 30 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

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Streets of Rogue 2
This hotly anticipated sequel is a wild, immersive sandbox RPG set in a large, randomly generated world. Your goal is to topple a corrupt president and bring yourself to power, but how you do it is up to you. ******, farm, build, sneak, steal, or hack your way to victory, solo or with friends. We got a teaser as part of the Connect, but there’s an even ******* reveal coming at PC Gaming Show on June 9, so stay tuned.

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Train Valley World
This third entry in the Train Valley series expands the scope, allowing you to build and manage intricate railroads across the globe, design your own levels, and become a business mogul — by yourself or with friends. We got a new trailer at the Connect that revealed an August release date, so get ready to be a train tycoon.

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I Am Future
We’re getting a big content update for I Am Future, a single-player cozy survival game released into Steam Early Access last year, in which you play as a last survivor on Earth set to build a lush and comfy camp on a skyscraper rooftop. The new updates will add a gym-themed setting, a new weather system, quality-of-life improvements, and most importantly, cheese trees. We could all use a cheese tree.

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Not For Broadcast
It's difficult to find a game as unique as Not For Broadcast, the FMV *********** simulator that is about to get the final DLC to conclude its story. It will bring back the full news team for the first time since 2020 and throw them into a time-bending mystery.

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Punch Club 2
The showcase also premiered a new Punch Club 2 DLC, called Iron Fist. It will introduce a new storyline, league, skill, and tech tree. You’ll manage your workshop, train your ******, and try to lead it to a ****** League championship. Be ready to investigate the Secret Robo Society and save humanity from imminent AI *****. All with the sense of humor and sudden plot twists the Punch Club franchise is known for.

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