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All Fallout 76 Meat Week Rewards

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All Fallout 76 Meat Week Rewards

I don’t know about you, but I love playing Fallout 76 community events specifically to unlock unique rewards that I’ll likely never use past the event *******. But hey, coming together as a community for a cookoff still sounds fun, right? Here’s all of the Fallout 76 Meat Week Rewards!

By participating in Meat Week and prioritizing the best performance possible in Grahm’s Meat Cook, you can earn the following rewards:

  • Plan: Cattle Floor Boards
  • Plan: Ground Meat Plushie
  • Plan: Fossilized Megalonyx Skull
  • Plan: Fossilized Megalonyx Torso
  • Plan: Fossilized Megalonyx Left Arm
  • Plan: Fossilized Megalonyx Left Leg
  • Plan: Fossilized Megalonyx Right Arm
  • Plan: Fossilized Megalonyx Right Leg
  • Plan: Megalonyx Display Rack
  • Plan: Nuka Shank ******
  • Plan: Rib Plushie
  • Plan: Rotted Rib Plushie
  • Plan: Rotted Steak Plushie
  • Plan: Rotted Ground Meat Plushie
  • Plan: Steak Plushie
  • Plan: Swarm of Flies
  • Plan: Wasteland Hunter Backpack
  • Plan: ******* Wagon

You can only unlock these rewards by participating in Grahm’s Meat Cook, which requires playing Primal Cuts to acquire Prime Meat.

To unlock the most possible rewards from Grahm’s Meat Cook during Meat Week, you must keep the meter during the event as high as possible. There are three ticks on the meter; the first indicates bad performance, the second indicates good performance, and the third indicates the best performance possible. You want to ensure the meter ******** above the third tick.

To do this, complete the optional objectives, focus on the main objectives, and work as a team.

The stages of Grahm’s Meat Cook include:

  • Wait for the event to start.
  • Help Grahm keep the camp clean, feed guests, and ensure the mood ******** festive.
  • Extinguish bushfires (Optional)
  • Scoop Stinky Piles (Optional)
  • Clean Rotten Leftovers (Optional)

Again, you’ll want to prioritize all objectives, even the optional, to ensure the best performance!

Will we find you participating for the Fallout 76 Meat Week rewards? You’ll bet Insider Gaming is there for the festivities. But in the meantime, check out what else we’re publishing daily:

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