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TSMC will retain leading-edge production tech and trade secrets in Taiwan, says new national tech minister

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TSMC will retain leading-edge production tech and trade secrets in Taiwan, says new national tech minister

Wu Cheng-wen, Taiwan’s new science and technology minister, expressed confidence that TSMC can protect its proprietary advanced technology and keep building its leading-edge fabs in Taiwan while expanding internationally. Wu reassured that despite TSMC’s global growth, its most advanced technological developments would remain secured in Taiwan, reports 

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TSMC, which produces the majority of the world’s most advanced processors in Taiwan, recently changed its strategy to keep its manufacturing primarily on the island, is building fabs to build advanced chips in the U.S., fairly advanced processors in Japan, and specialty chips in Europe.  

Wu emphasized that while TSMC promises advanced manufacturing capabilities abroad, it first builds these technologies in Taiwan, ensuring that the most critical developments stay within the island. Recently TSMC also confirmed that its overseas fabs copy technologies and process recipes first adopted in Taiwan. 

Wu also noted that TSMC would maintain its key research and development operations in Taiwan. He stressed that the company would comply with international regulations while expanding and that the NSTC will support TSMC and the semiconductor industry in Taiwan. 

The pandemic has heightened the importance of reliable semiconductor supplies, prompting countries to secure their own chip production capabilities. As a result, Taiwan has seen increased diplomatic and technological engagements, with many nations courting Taiwan to ensure supply or attract investments. Wu’s council plays a central role in this new wave of tech diplomacy. 

Wu also highlighted the domestic benefits of Taiwan’s technological prowess. The NSTC aims to leverage technology for social and cultural advancements within Taiwan. For example, the organization plans to encourage development of more efficient power chips to support a sustainable industry. Energy efficiency is a key concern for the island, and advancements in this area are a priority. 

Interestingly, President Lai Ching-te emphasized the transformation of Taiwan from a ‘silicon island’ to an ‘AI island’ in his recent speech. This vision underscores the importance of accelerating Taiwan’s advancement in AI technology to take advantage of artificial intelligence and perhaps maintain its critical role in the global technology supply chain by making the nation more competitive.

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