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Assassin’s Creed Shadows Breaks a Franchise Trend Not Seen for the Last 7 Years and Many Would Argue It’s for the Best

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*********’s Creed Shadows Breaks a Franchise Trend Not Seen for the Last 7 Years and Many Would Argue It’s for the Best

*********’s Creed Shadows is yet to be released but has already done something groundbreaking by simply sticking to the realm of reality, unlike its predecessors. The franchise has taken quite a detour and delved into the mystical side and not everyone was a fan of it.

The reveal trailer garnered some positive feedback and the gaming community is eager to see it in its full glory. However, the community was not all thrilled when the franchise decided to venture into unrealistic themes and deviated from historically accurate storytelling.

*********’s Creed Shadows Is the Right Step for Ubisoft

*********’s Creed Shadows is the redemption project of the developers.

The fans are more invested when it comes to grounded and historically accurate stories while Ubisoft opted to explore the more mystical and unbelievable concepts and apply them to the gameplay for Hexe. Players will be able to use otherworldly powers like sorcery and witchcraft for in-game progression which was a step too far.

— Ameer (@SynthPotato)

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However, this year’s entry will go back to its humble roots and provide a more grounded and sophisticated experience by including any fantasy elements. One other thing that this year’s entry will introduce to the franchise is the ability to go prone.

Previous *********’s Creed titles could have benefitted from this feature and would make stealth a lot more easy and immersive. The possibilities of how a player can take on a situation just got even more expansive through this new mechanic that should have been there for a while.

It is high time for Ubisoft to take this franchise seriously and give the gaming community the quality and content that they deserve. The game developers have already mapped out the future of the *********’s Creed franchise for the next five years and it is either an exciting time or the worst time to be a fan.

Ubisoft Should Stick to Realism for the *********’s Creed Franchise

*********’s Creed Shadows is expected to be released later this year.

The moment the developers decided to tackle the elements of fantasy was pretty much a ****** sentence for the franchise. Earlier installments played it safe and used history to their advantage and resonated with the community but recent entries encouraged them to abandon the franchise.

Developers shouldn’t risk tarnishing the reputation of the franchise for something experimental. It is not too late for Ubisoft to completely abandon the idea of not featuring any fantasy-related content. Perhaps this could put the franchise back on top and restore its respectable stature.

The gaming community has longed for the day of having a great *********’s Creed game that is closer to reality and not having to use magic as a crutch, it seems like those days are numbered.

The franchise has been a staple in the game industry and was renowned for its parkour and its emphasis on history. Shifting gears may be challenging but Ubisoft should realize that if the old strategy wasn’t broken, there is no need to fix it.

What are your thoughts about *********’s Creed Shadows? Let us know in the comments section below!

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