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Helldivers 2 developer says updates may be slower going forwards

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Helldivers 2 developer says updates may be slower going forwards

Helldivers 2‘s updates may take a little longer to arrive going forwards, according to a member of the development team.

Since its release in February the game has been receiving a steady stream of updates from its studio Arrowhead, but this stream may start to slow down soon.

As reported by

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, community manager Thomas Petersson, who posts on the game’s Discord server as Twinbeard,  told one user that the next update will come “when it’s done”, pointing out that the pace at which updates have been released could potentially impact the quality of the game.

“We want to take some more time for this one and potentially between future patches, since we feel cadence has probably been a bit too high to be able to maintain the quality standard we want and you deserve,” Petersson explained.

“Patching a lot can easily disrupt work flow and takes more resources than you might think. It needs planning, implementing, monitoring, possible tweaking in hotfixes etc. For this one we prefer to stretch it out a little, hopefully with a good result.”

Petersson later reiterated that Arrowhead is considering slowing the pace of its updates, because it would be beneficial to all parties involved.

“I’d say it’s something we have to try out and get a feel for,” he said. “We feel a slightly lower cadence overall will benefit both us, you, and the game.”

Last week Sony said Helldivers 2 was now PlayStation’s fastest-selling game launch ever, with sales “far exceeding expectations” at 12 million copies sold across PC and PS5 in its first 12 weeks.

The sales mean that the live service game beat the 11 million copies in 10 weeks achieved by **** of War Ragnarok last year, it said.

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