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Azur Lane adds six new shipgirls in the Light of Martyrium event

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Azur Lane adds six new shipgirls in the Light of Martyrium event

  • Light of Martyrium event will be held until June 12th
  • Six new shipgirls added to the roster
  • New retrofit and costumes added to the shop

Azur Lane has just released an action-packed new update that introduces six new shipgirls, two Ultra Rare characters and a jaw-dropping retrofit to the naval ******-em-up. A special event is being held to welcome these new heroines. Plus, all of them and other characters receive new threads in the shop as well.

In Azur Lane’s Light of the Martyrium update, you can participate in a limited-time event which marks the debut of six amazing new shipgirls. The event stage will be available until June 12th and completing them will grant you PT that can be exchanged for Super Rare and Elite shipgirls.

You can go on to clear more SP stages and other quests, which will lead you to Mogador, one of the two new Ultra Rare shipgirls. Alsace, the second UR shipgirl and three other heroes will also be available through most of these missions.

If you aren’t satisfied with these characters, check out the Wishing Well, which will be temporarily available during this event. There are three build pools for a rate-up, from which you can pick two heroes. Keep in mind that the rarities of your choices will dictate the odds of the build.

We’ve already introduced a couple of the new shipgirls, Alsace and Mogador. Besides these two new UR characters, Brennus is a Super Rare shipgirls while Fleuret belongs to the Elite class. Bearn META is also an SR heroine, but you can get your hands on her at a standard rate. Finally, Epee, the sixth shipgirls, is an Elite hero who is part of her milestone rewards.

To top it off, you can get yourself a retrofit for Colorado as well as multiple new and returning outfits from the event shop.

Download Azur Lane now for free by clicking on your preferred link below. Visit the

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for more information.

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