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Twitch introduces new filtering tools that lets you exclude sexual and violent content

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introduces new filtering tools that lets you exclude ******* and violent content

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has to allow the exclusion of livestreams that feature mature themes, like *******, violent and profane content. In other words, you won’t have to sift through hundreds of ****** streams just to find someone innocently drinking soda pop and .

These new filter settings let people opt out of specific content labels, per the platform’s . These guidelines require creators to appropriately label livestreams if they include stuff like ******* imagery, depictions of *********, gambling, excessive profanity and ***** use. These labels also apply when streaming mature-rated games.

This will allow for a more curated experience, as people will be able to hide entire categories when searching for something to watch. Previously, these content labels were only used as data points to help

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users make informed viewing decisions.

The content classification filters are found in profile settings under Content Display Preferences. Once turned on, the filters will apply to all recommendations and search results, in addition to streams that pop up when aimlessly browsing. The system will remember preferred filter adjustments, so it should be a one-and-done trip to the settings page. For those under 18,

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automatically applies the vast majority of these filter settings.

There’s also another semi-related tool rolling out today. Preview thumbnails can now be blurred for streams labeled as having ******* themes. This feature will be turned on by default and can be toggled on or off via settings. However, if you follow a channel the thumbnail won’t be blurred, even if your classification labels rule out ******* content.

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has been trying to nail down its policies regarding ******* content for a while now. It recently , as long as it was properly labeled, . Currently, the platform requires streamers to cover up their buttocks, genitals and (for female-presenting streamers) the nipples and underbust areas. Visible outlines of genitals are also prohibited, though all of this is liable to change.

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