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How to fix Visual performance error on the PS5 for XDefiant

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How to fix Visual performance error on the PS5 for XDefiant

XDefiant has made it so PS5 users can enjoy the shooter at a higher frame rate. That’s right, if you have PS5, you can play at 120 FPS. However, with that boost, you might get problems such as the Visual performance error of the PS5, and we’ll show you all the ways that may fix it in XDefiant.

Since this problem is popping up for a lot of PS5 players, and because of that, there are a handful of fixes.

Let’s get into them.

Image: Ubisoft
  • Play on a lower frame rate: Because XDefiant has just come out, players will be diving into the game almost at the same time. It could be a reason why players are getting the can’t find lobby error. With that many players in the XDefiant, the PS5 could be stressed out. Consider playing on a lower frame rate like 60 FPS. That way, your console is only using half of its resources. To change your framerate in the game, head to Settings, and look for Video Settings. From there, you can turn off the 120 FPS option with the toggle.
  • Force the PS5 to not display a 120 FPS: If the method above does not work, you may have to make the PS5 output 120 FPS overall. Go to your PS5 settings and navigate to the Screen and Video option. When you find it, make your way to Video Output. You’ll be able to switch off 120 FPS from this menu.
Image: Ubisoft
  • Play with lower settings: What I like about the PS5 is that you tweak the settings way more than ever before. By adjusting certain settings, your PS5 could output 120 FPS easily. Like the bringing down the frame rate, go into XDefiant’s Graphic Settings. Here you can play around with what settings work. It’s best to experiment first before committing.
  • Wait to play on off hours: If you’re getting this error, the time of day could be the reason. Just like the UNIFORM-1 error, you could be playing at a time when everyone is trying to get in. By playing later in the day or late at night, XDefiant might just fix itself by this method. 

After you fix this issue, you should learn how to unlock all factions. It’s important. 

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