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How to get Quick-Swap kills in XDefiant

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How to get Quick-Swap ****** in XDefiant

XDefiant has a ton of unlockable gear and weapons locked behind challenges. Some of these tasks are much ******* than others, so let me show you how to get Quick-Swap ****** in XDefiant.

A Quick-Swap ***** occurs when you damage your opponent with one ******* and quickly finish them with another. You may even do this during normal gameplay, as swapping to your secondary is faster than reloading your primary in a gunfight. 

The default controls are fine for Quick-Swap ******, but there’s plenty of room for tuning, should you need it.

It can be a little tricky to make Quick-Swap ****** happen deliberately. If you get into a fair gunfight and swap your ******* in the middle, you’ll lose the battle. With this in mind, I only recommend trying to score Quick-Swap ****** on enemies who don’t know you’re there.

The mode also matters if you’re trying to rack up Quick-Swap ******. I struggle to land these ****** on the ******* mode, as your opponents always have a good idea where you’re spawning. You can score cheeky ****** and flank much more quickly in Zone Control or Domination, where players are more spread out.

In my testing, the Intel Suit from the Echelon faction is excellent for finding isolated targets. The Intel Suit periodically pings nearby targets, and you can even see them through walls. It’s far easier to ***** single opponents who don’t see you coming, but ultimately, you can score Quick-Swap ****** with any faction.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can earn the 686 Magnum Secondary ******* by scoring 5 Quick-Swap ******. Fortunately, you can complete this task across multiple rounds, so feel free to take your time. As you use your Secondary *******, you’ll also earn points to unlock the D50 and M1911 pistols.

As XDefiant has a daily challenge system, I expect Quick-Swap ****** may end up in rotation, so it’s good to know how to do them.

A Sensitivity Converter may be worth trying if you’re struggling with XDefiant’s controls. You can use a converter to emulate the settings of other popular shooters and lessen the adjustment *******.

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