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Who is Messmer in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?

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Who is Messmer in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?

Following the exceptional Elden Ring DLC trailer, in which we saw more of the upcoming expansion’s world, story, and characters, we all have questions. Namely, who is Messmer in Elden Ring? He’s clearly an important part of the DLC’s storyline, so let’s delve in and find out more!

Messmer the Impaler, an upcoming character in Shadow of the Erdtree, is a tall, red-haired individual with twin snakes circling his unique armor. He casts ***** spells, wields a polearm, and moves quickly, thanks to his extended gait.

In the trailer, along with many of the press shots we’ve been shown by the studio, we see Messmer sitting on Morgott, the Omen King’s throne. According to Miyazaki, this is meant to show players that Messmer is equal to the demigods.

As part of Shadow of the Erdtree, we’ll delve into Messmer’s story further, learning who and why he exists in the Lands of Shadow, along with his role in the creation of the mysterious realm.

Furthermore, in the most recent story trailer, which you can watch below, we see Messmer and his army razing a city. He’s clearly not a hero character; that much is known!

How Long Will Shadow of the Erdtree Be?

According to current estimates, it will take approximately 20 to 30 hours to complete Shadow of the Erdtree. However, if you play like I do, it’ll likely take twice as long to finish the expansion.

As always, play at your own pace and enjoy the experience!

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