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Hellblade 2 May Not be for Everyone, but there’s 1 Feature Everyone Can Agree is the Best in the Business

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Hellblade 2 May Not be for Everyone, but there’s 1 Feature Everyone Can Agree is the Best in the Business

Hellblade 2 launched on 21st May 2024 and fans are already proclaiming one of its features to be the best in the business. The game from Ninja Theory is the much-awaited sequel to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Tackling themes of mental health issues like psychosis and its impact on the social relations of the patient, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 takes a step in a direction hitherto unexplored in the realm of video games.

However, the game was mired in controversy due to the general upheaval that is going on at Xbox and

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Gaming. With the closures of historically successful game development studios, the pressure was high on Ninja Theory to deliver their ‘Game of the Year’ contender. So far, fans are really pleased with one feature that the developers did not even think would gather so much acclaim.

The Photo Mode of Hellblade 2 is being hailed as the best in the business by fans.

Soon after players got access to the game, clips and videos of the game started being circulated in the community forums. However, the game’s Photo Mode has captured fans’ imagination as it is exceptionally well-designed, according to the fans.

— Disco

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Complete with proper focus distance adjustment, lighting tools, exposure, ratio adjustment, and depth of focus controls, the Photo Mode of Hellblade 2 is already enthralling fans. With controls akin to photo editing software, this mode has taken fans by surprise.

With Hellblade 2‘s Ninja Theory treading on volatile grounds at

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Gaming, any positive news regarding Hellblade 2 can be considered a huge win for the team, especially considering the fact they are working at one of the worst-maintained gaming ecosystems.

This photo taken by a fan shows the exceptional detailing of the images captured via the Photo Mode of the game. While most games make waves among fans through their content, gameplay, or other ludic elements, Hellblade 2 took a cosmetic feature and made it the best in the business.

And so far, fan reactions have been worth it as a number of images and videos showcasing the exceptional results of the Photo Mode.

According to this player, the only other game that has a Photo Mode that is as stacked as Hellblade 2 is A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Poor marketing can stunt Hellblade 2 sales.

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Gaming and Xbox are in complete disarray, as evident from the absolute lack of marketing for a game as brilliant as Hellblade 2. This will probably lead the game to be overlooked by a lot of gamers as many of them wouldn’t even have heard of it.

But the game has managed to secure a score of 83 on OpenCritic. It has received rave reviews for its visuals, storytelling, and sound design. However, fans have complained about the repetitive nature of the puzzles and combat in the game.

The first game of the franchise had sold a million copies by 2018. It ******** to be seen whether Hellblade 2 can match the success of its predecessor.

What did you think of the Photo Mode of Hellblade 2? Do you think it is the best in the business? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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