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Exclusive: All Characters In Valve’s Deadlock

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Exclusive: All Characters In Valve’s Deadlock

Insider Gaming has learned new information about Valve’s in-development hero shooter known as Deadlock. In addition to the gameplay mechanics currently part of the game that had been previously reported, Insider Gaming has been sent the list of all characters currently in Valve’s Deadlock.

The roster, which you can see below along with some design description, includes 19 characters based on the information sent. This roster includes a gargoyle-******-like character, a police officer, a monkey and pig duo, and more.

  • Abrams – A gargoyle-****** like character
  • Bebop – A Red ****** with what looks like a missing eye
  • Dynamo – Another ******
  • Grey Talon – A Native ********* character
  • Haze
  • Infernus
  • Ivy – An Imp
  • Kelvin
  • Lady Geist
  • Lash – A warrior
  • McGinnis – A welder or blacksmith
  • Mo & Krill – A monkey and pig duo
  • Paradox
  • Pocket
  • Seven
  • Vindicta – A vampire-looking character
  • Warden – A police officer
  • Wraith – A bounty hunter
  • Yamato – A samurai-looking character

As of publishing, there is no set release date for Deadlock. Valve has yet to even fully reveal the game.

What do you think of Valve’s Deadlock right now and even the characters on the roster? For more Insider Gaming, check out 

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