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‘Anthem of Grace’ Broadcast Reaches 67M With God’s ‘Transformative’ Power of Grace

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‘Anthem of Grace’ Broadcast Reaches 67M With ****’s ‘Transformative’ Power of Grace

A global evangelism movement that is celebrating and sharing the transformative power of grace found in ****** has reached more than 60 million people within its first month. 

Pulse Evangelism’s Anthem of Grace campaign is a year-long effort that kicked off in April and aims to help people understand the power of the grace of ******. 

“Anthem of Grace is a celebration. I believe that 2,000 years ago, **** unleashed this anthem of grace when ****** ***** on the cross and defeated our ****** when he rose from the grave,” Pulse founder Nick Hall recently shared. “When that happened, literally a chorus of humanity was unleashed to celebrate, not that we are good enough, but that **** has overcome the grave and made a way for us.”

As CBN News has reported, the Anthem of Grace campaign began on Good Friday 2024. It touched the lives of nearly 67 million people who tuned in and 76,000 made a decision for *******.

“It is clear that ****** made a way for us to reach the nations through this year’s broadcast, which is something we do not take lightly,” said Hall. “The response to and impact of this year’s broadcast is a clear illustration that, with ******, anything is possible.”

The first online program was broadcast in 60-plus languages including Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Thai, and Catalan. It also featured musical performances by Steven Curtis Chapman and Miel San Marcos. 

“This campaign is a reminder that grace is not just a concept—it is a reality found in a person, ******,” the ministry website explains. 

The campaign will end next April and allows viewers to submit their personal stories of how ****’s grace has touched their lives throughout the year. They will also be able to send in a clip of them singing Amazing Grace. 

According to Pulse, the global event next year will feature video recordings and testimonies. 

To learn more about Pulse Evangelism’s year-long, global Anthem of Grace campaign go to

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